Israel’s High Tech Civilian Protection Efforts Not Working Effectively

But, we’re they really supposed to? Or was this simply an attempt at providing a false sense of prevention of harm while spinning a specific positive, but, also false narrative. You know, like the Covid “vaccine”? All false claims, all the time, but still positive and supportive spin from and via the media and sycophantic politicians.

Washington Post via

BEERSHEBA, Israel — On a military base in the center of this biblical desert city, Israeli officials sit in a small control room lined with maps and monitors, charged with directing the movement of panicked civilians in war-ravaged Gaza.

On Monday, beneath a digital diagram of the Strip, data analysts, lawyers and Arabic translators surrounded an army officer. He had phone numbers for military leaders, tank commanders and tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza, including in the southern city of Khan Younis, where Israeli bombs rained down and ground forces will later enter.

But the experiences of civilians in Gaza reveal the limits of these efforts, as Israel presses forward with an all-out war against militants in a densely packed enclave with no escape, which humanitarian leaders have likened to “hell on earth.” The Gaza Health Ministry says nearly 16,000 people, the majority of them women and children, have been killed since Israel launched its attacks two months ago in retaliation for the Hamas rampage on Oct. 7.

From safe zone to safer zone- Weasel wording

Muhammad al-Natour fled his Gaza City home in October after Israel ordered more than a million people in the north to move south. At the time, the IDF described Gaza’s southern half as a “safe zone.” The language changed to “safer zone”

Nowhere offered a reprieve from bombardment.

Alaa Rajab, 34, who has no access to internet and only intermittent phone service told The Post he hasn’t received any calls or leaflets in recent days advising him how to stay ahead of the danger.

Rajab used to get calls from the IDF at his home in Gaza City before leaving for the south with his wife and three children and settling in the Hamad Towers in Khan Younis. On Saturday, airstrikes hit the complex. The family fled again, to a nearby shelter.

“If they storm Khan Younis, we will leave,” he said. “We don’t know where yet.”

The Israeli tech now includes a downloadable version of an interactive map, dividing Gaza into 623 zones. IDF leaflets now bear a QR code, which can be used to access the latest information about a particular area. Both require internet access, a rare luxury for most Gazans.

On Monday evening, a near-total communications blackout hit the Strip, the latest in a series of outages caused by damaged infrastructure. Limited services returned Tuesday, though few have electricity to charge their phones.

In the interim, the IDF’s guidance for some areas of eastern Khan Younis had changed. IDF leaflets dropped on the area Monday told people to flee for Rafah, calling Khan Younis “a dangerous combat zone.” On Tuesday, new leaflets instead told people to “stay inside known shelters and schools,” warning of a “heavy attack” against Hamas.

This is a public relations exercise, clearly. In line with claims of the IDF being the “most moral army in the world”- Which is also spin.

Israel pushed the Palestinians from North to South for their safety and now Israel bombs them in that very claimed safe space. Like shooting fish in a barrel. War is never about morality.

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