Turkish president urges US Congress to act on F-16 sales to complete process for Sweden’s NATO bid

The US has been dragging it’s feet for so many years on the F-16 issue, I can’t imagine they’ll pick up the pace on this issue at all. It seems the question that needs to be asked is how badly does the US want Sweden in NATO?


The US Congress should take steps on selling F-16s and upgrade kits simultaneously with Türkiye, so all sides can take the remaining steps needed at the same time, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday on Sweden’s NATO accession bid.

If the U.S. has a Congress, we also have our parliament. There’s nothing to say (on Sweden’s NATO bid) until a final decision comes from our parliament,” Erdogan told journalists on his return flight from a two-day visit to Qatar. All current NATO members must ratify any countries joining the alliance.

Saying that he fulfilled his job by sending Sweden’s NATO protocol to the Turkish parliament in October, Erdogan added that he expects something from his counterparts.

“Simultaneously, pass this (F-16 sale) through your Congress on this issue, and let’s take these steps together at the same time.”

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