Cui Bono- A year after North Stream Blown- EU reels, US Happy

Cui Bono- Who benefits? The biggest beneficiary is most assuredly the perpetrator. Read entirely at link included.

A year after the Nord Stream pipeline attacks, European energy markets are shaken – and the Americans are happy

Just the facts..

  • One of the most audacious crimes of the 21st century remains unsolved
  • The culprits remain unknown, though there are plenty of suspects.

Oh the culprits can be figured out quite easily when we think of which party benefits the most!

  • What is known is that the attack has turned the German energy market on its head.
  • Europe’s biggest economy and industrial power is still reeling from energy shortages, to the point that it is reopening mothballed coal plants ahead of winter to keep the lights on. Before the invasion, Germany was powered by scads of cheap and allegedly reliable Russian gas. But no longer.
  • Five months after the sabotage, veteran U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh laid the blame squarely on the Americans themselves
  • Citing a single unnamed source (as is his style) in his Substack post, he said the CIA was behind the plot, was assisted by Norway, and that U.S. President Joe Biden approved the pipelines’ destruction. Indeed, Mr. Biden seemed intent on making sure Nord Stream 2 would never deliver gas to Germany. At a news conference three weeks before the invasion, he said, “If Russia invades … then there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it. I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.”
  • Mr. Hersh’s reporting received little attention in the U.S. media and was dismissed as risible by some skeptics. Never mind that several other investigative stories later in the year, on both sides of the Atlantic, named no first-hand sources when they raised alternative scenarios.

Yah, never mind that the alternative scenarios named no sources at all and yet were given scads of attention

  • Chief among them was that a Ukrainian group used a rented 15-metre sailing yacht called the Andromeda to plant the explosives on the pipelines at depths of 70 to 80 metres – theoretically within the range of expert divers.
  • It seems the culprits will not be found soon. What is clear is that the destruction of the pipelines has played a huge role in overhauling the German and European energy markets at amazing speed – at huge economic cost.
  • The high energy prices have punished German growth, making it the worst performer among the big developed economies. Both the EU and the International Monetary Fund expect the German economy to shrink this year.
  • The only winners are the Americans, who are no doubt delighted about the Nord Stream pipelines’ status as Russian relics on the seabed.

The only winners are the American who are no doubt delighted the pipelines were blown.. Cui Bono?

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