Another Nazi in Canada’s House

Canada’s latest scandal involving Ukrainian Nazi’s is not really a shocker- Canada has a history with these persons and their organizations- Including Stepan Bandera

Canadian Support for Ukrainian Nazi Supporters goes beyond statues

The vandalism of a cenotaph in a Ukrainian cemetery in Oakville, Ont. dedicated to Waffen-SS veterans became international news on July 17 after Ottawa Citizen’s David Pugliese reported police were investigating the anti-Nazi graffiti as a “hate-motivated offense.”

Many around the world were shocked to learn of the memorial’s existence, yet this cenotaph isn’t even the oldest memorial at that cemetery glorifying Nazi collaborators. Canada is likely the only country in North America, if not the western hemisphere, with monuments dedicated to Waffen-SS veterans. There are also arguably more problematic Ukrainian memorials in Canada that have received little attention in the press.

Government-funded centres of Canada’s Bandera cult and its Bandera youth

On Feb.27, 2022, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland proudly tweeted this image of her holding a fascist red-and-black banner at a rally against Russia’s invasion to deNazify/demilitarize Ukraine. This Blood and Soil banner, at a protest of the gov’t-created, proNATO Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) in Toronto, was the official battle flag of Stepan Bandera’s Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The Canadian Bandera Network

One I brought back from my censored blog- from 2014

There's additional information at my censored site- Bottom line, the presence of this man in the House of Commons, was not a mistake. He was chosen for his historical value to the Ukrainian cause. This cause has long included a fascistic nazi ideology of the same type that has a long history here in Canada- That's the reality.

Canada is intolerant. Unresponsive to the needs of it’s own citizens. Divisive. The government is sowing discord continuously. Funding ideological groups to oppress it’s own citizens.There are no parties representative of families, working class- Canada is not as sold.

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Hi Penny,
A new low point for our nation. How deep the depths of iniquity ? I can barely face the flag I used to hold in high regard. And I am not alone, this is a learning moment for all of us. Our una-party of parliamentarians will all suffer at the ballot box and if Canada reacts like most other societies in history it will result on more support for populist parties and agendas with all the turmoil that this entails.
I’m glad my father was not here to see the Waffen SS glorified in parliament.
This is part of the WEF agenda to sow chaos and hope that they can pick up the pieces. All together now kids, “We will build back better.”

It’s bad for sure Mark. It’s too bad it’s taken so long for this to come to light- Canada’s affiliation with the Ukrainian nazi’s is deeply entrenched, unfortunately.

I don’t know what will happen next election- I suspect that populist type parties will garner more votes- but was/will it be just because of this nazi in the house- (chrystia is always there and she’s a nazi) the liberals and ndp have been so opposed to ordinary Canadians for so long that I can’t imagine support was going stay with either of these parties.
shakes head.. I just don’t know?!

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