As Expected Poland Enters Canada’s Nazi Fray

I was waiting for Poland’s reaction. I’m sure the action in Canada’s HoC’s came across as a complete and total insult to the Poles.

This particular bunch of Nazi volunteers was known to be especially brutal, inhumane and atrocious in their activities. Yes, that’s right this was an all volunteer


On Friday, Hunka was invited to sit in the parliamentary gallery by Speaker Anthony Rota for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Parliament. Rota introduced Hunka as a “Ukrainian hero” and a “Canadian hero,” prompting a standing ovation in the House of Commons.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Hunka was part of the First Ukrainian Division, also known as the Waffen-SS Galicia Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division, a voluntary unit that was under the command of the Nazis.

a voluntary unit that was under the command of the Nazis.

But this information was known before the week end.. Canada has long history with it’s Ukrainian Nazis.

In view of the scandalous events in the Canadian Parliament, which involved honouring, in the presence of President Zelenskyy, a member of the criminal Nazi SS Galizien formation, I have taken steps towards the possible extradition of this man to Poland,” Przemysław Czarnek said in a social media post Tuesday.

Deeply hurtful’: Polish ambassador condemns Nazi veteran’s invitation to Canada’s Parliament

This is a person who participated in an organization that was targeting Poles, was committing mass murders of Poles, not only the military personnel but also civilians,” Dzielski said. “For me, such people should not be present in public life and probably should be prosecuted.”

They didn’t just kill Polish Jews, the killed Poles in general. The Poles were simply considered lesser then. Sort of like how Trudeau viewed the unvaccinated in Canada. Lesser then. Unclean. Unworthy.

Canada’s long history of soft-pedalling the Ukrainian Waffen-SS Galicia Division

If Canada was ever going to embarrass itself by having its Parliamentarians applaud the enthusiastic veteran of a Nazi combat unit, it’s almost inevitable that the unit would be the Waffen-SS Galicia Division.

There are monuments to the unit at cemeteries in both Alberta and Oakville, Ont., both of which avoid any mention of its SS origins, instead referring to it as the 1st Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army. When this was pointed out by the Russian Foreign Ministry in 2018, documents later obtained by Postmedia would show that Global Affairs Canada rushed to have the claim labelled as “misinformation.” The minister of foreign affairs at the time, Chrystia Freeland, has also played the “disinformation” card whenever Russia has pointed out that her own family tree contains a Ukrainian collaborator (although not one who served with the Galicia Division).

Officially known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, the Galicia Division was one of a number of “foreign” units of the Waffen-SS formed during the course of the Second World War.

After conquering a new corner of Europe, Nazi commanders would put out a call for volunteers to sign up for the Schutzstaffel (SS), an elite corps loyal to the Nazi Party that stood distinct from the German arm

There was a French SS unit, a Norwegian SS unit, a Dutch SS unit, and even SS units formed from British and American prisoners of war. And in 1943, the Nazi occupiers of what is now Ukraine recruited a unit of racially acceptable Ukrainians to bolster their invasion and subjugation of the Soviet Union

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The Rota ritual suicide demonstrates the internal power of the PMO and from a larger perspective the dominance of the executive branch in Canadian/British parliamentary politics.
It”s difficult to disagree with you, Penny, that Trudeau and Freeland did indeed originate or authorize this performance in Parliament.
But what were they thinking ? Did they do it just to titillate Zelensky and stir the ghost of Himmler ? Was it to satisfy some inner need to publicly demonstrate their subservience to the most vile hidden niche of NATO ideology ? Was it some ham handed attempt to turn the page on the Indo/Canadian relations fiasco ?
Here’s some good background info from Oct. 2020 if you care to pursue this matter :
And just for the record Mr. Trudeau, Canadians are not ’embarrassed’ by this, we are furious,
He looked unhinged in his speech warning us about outside opinion ( i.e, Russian disinformation ). Pressures are building, he might spontaneously combust.

I read the piece, thanks for leaving the link.
I’ve no doubt that Trudeau and Freeland were both well aware of who this man was and his history- I can’t imagine they were unaware this would be exposed
What I do think?
Trudeau and Freeland simply don’t care. They don’t care at all
They both know someone else would take the fall for them
They know the media will help obfuscate the matter
And they did.
The message was dispersed almost immediately don’t play into Russian propaganda- This had nothing to do with Russia at all. But the media and it’s mouthpieces were dutiful. Completely. Including on social media.
One thing Canadians need to be really aware of is the reality of this nation and it’s leadership. It’s true history, which is quite ugly. And I’m not talkin’ about the native schools or black lives matter (that’s done to create unjustified white shame)
I’m talkin about the moving of Ukrainian nazis into Canada.. the covering of it up- The fostering of this vile group and it’s ideology right here in Canada- which has been ongoing for some time now
I was thinking how monuments to nazis stand still but “antifa” and blm pull down other statues or spray paint around in very PR type attention getting actions- but nazi statues etc., still stand

Anyway- it was arrogance and appeasement to the nazi brethren in Ukraine- It was a show of NATO supremacy (flippin’ the bird to Russia)
And who knows perhaps a message to India, watch out for us, we’re that corrupt and malicious

“Nobody in the government knew…”

Canadian Liberal House Leader Karina Gould and Canada’s Speaker of the House Anthony Rota holdings hands with former Waffen-SS Nazi soldier, Yaroslav Hunka.

She’s lying- I believe she’s Jewish so this makes her look really bad. Wasn’t she asking for something to be erased completely
Yah, this
“Government House leader Karina Gould stood up on Monday afternoon to ask for unanimous consent to adopt a motion calling to strike “from the appendix of the House of Commons debates” and from “any House multimedia recording” the recognition made by Speaker Anthony Rota of Yaroslav Hunka, 98, whom he described as “a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero.”

Fascists in action

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