Ukraine Tips Off (Targets) Kolomoisky

Saturday morning funny- I’m seeing perception management in action here. I’m also seeing Kolomoisky being given a signal to make himself scarce. Yes, I’m suggesting this is a tip off.

TIP OFF: to warn someone secretly about something that will happen, so that they can take action or prevent it from happening:

Perhaps he can visit Israel until this blows over?

Of course, you read and decide.

Bloomberg via

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has been served with a “notice of suspicion” of fraud, the Security Service of Ukraine said on its website.

Kolomoisky is suspected of the embezzlement of illegally obtained property, according to findings by the Security Service and Ukraine’s Economic Security Bureau

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s push to eliminate corruption recently included investigations against government officials and dismissals of lawmakers.

Zelensky is Kolomoisky’s protégé

You can read about the web of connections at the link above. And if you choose there’s plenty more to find about their connections. It was Kolomoisky that launched Zelensky political career

Explaining the generous forewarning given

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