No Covid Compliance This Time Around

This from the WSJ via

I went along with ‘social distancing’ and avoided my father’s house as he was dying of cancer. Never again.

This person’s father was at home and he was intimidated into not seeing his dying father- That would not have been me- Not in a million years!

’ll take my stand. Whatever happens, I won’t participate in meaningless gestures. That means no masks, under any circumstances. Never again.

I’ll also pledge no fist bumps, no grocery washing, no crossing the street to avoid my neighbors, no locking myself away from the world, no health attestations. I won’t present my papers. I won’t swab my nose morning, noon and night. And I won’t submit to mandates that fill my veins—or, more important, my children’s veins—with new drugs and vaccines that haven’t been tested the way drugs and vaccines normally are.

When I was a kid, the loudest voices urging me to “question authority” and “fight the power” came from the left. Now those same voices urge obedience to state control. Conservatives once stood for social conformity and personal discipline. Now they preach resistance and revolution.

When the world’s gone crazy and nothing makes sense, the only rational option is to think for yourself. Do what feels right, regardless of what people say about you on television. “Don’t follow leaders,” as Bob Dylan once sang. “And watch your parking meters.” We could use a some of that spirit.

We had that spirit. It was present in those that would not comply. In those who, against all the oppressive tyranny, tried to live their lives. And visit family. Make sure they were safe. Still went outside. Didn’t avoid people- Didn’t wash the f’n groceries! Didn’t wear masks in public. (Only in LTC and hospital) And didn’t take untested experimental vaccines. That spirit existed in millions of us. And we were abused and discriminated against, regularly.

To my mild shame, I largely did as I was told during the pandemic. I wore the masks, got the shots, worked from home, worshiped online. I even stayed away from my father’s house as he lay dying from cancer. I should have been there. I’ll never get over that.

I complied because everyone seemed to be complying and I didn’t have the guts to say no. In hindsight I can’t help but feel I sold my God-given freedom too cheaply. I won’t get fooled again.

His father would have surely appreciated his sons presence. Don’t think me cruel, but, I don’t how this person could have justified staying away from his dying father. There is simply no excuse for that type of inhumane, barbaric behaviour.

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