Contract was put out on Prigozhin in Russia: Former MI6 spy

I’m very doubtful that this was Putin’s doing- Been following this news as it has unfolded via msm and twitter. My thoughts on the idea of this being Putin’s doing..

Why is Christopher Steele making such statements?

Pretty sure this is the “Steele dossier” Christopher Steele.

A former British intelligence officer said he received information previously that a contract had been put out on Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin by members of Russia’s elite over the past few weeks, Sky News reported on Wednesday.

“We had heard some weeks ago from a source that a contract had been put out on Prigozhin in Russia by senior members of the business community,” Christopher Steele told Sky News.

He said that it would be a “mistake” to assume any assassination attempt was authorized by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

“But certainly, it looks as though it may well be a revenge attack by somebody in the elite, possibly somebody very senior.

An Oligarch? A western backed Oligarch? Ukrainian Oligarch? Dual Citizen Oligarch? Russian/Israeli. Ukrainian/ Israeli? Mossad? MI6? Is Steele muddying the waters?

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Would not doubt it! Which is why it was mentioned above.

“Somebody in the elite”

“senior members of the business community”

Seems to be implying an oligarch and the oligarchs are entirely tied to intelligence orgs
example Khodorkovsky, I’m betting Israeli and MI6
Then there was the one who hung himself with the scarf- he was assisting with funneling money to western backed chechen rebels during the war- I mean when I read elites, elite business interests, contracts put out- I’m seeing intelligence ops with oligarchs as the front man

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