Alas, poor Prigozhin….

WOW, the headlines and news coverage is simply astonishing.

Progozhin headlines are running the gamut. He’s being lionized, which is quite a change from the usual. We’ve got conspiracy theories galore from the main stream media who are the biggest promoters of conspiracy theories on the planet!

Let’s consider these points of interest while thinking about what ever really happened.

Refresh your memories

Sergei Shoigu announced that “Russian volunteer personnel must sign contracts directly with the Russian MoD by July 1.” The same report indicates that the Akhmat group of Chechen special forces complied with the Defense Ministry’s decree and that the new contracts “will grant Akhmat forces the same legal status, rights, and benefits” as official defense personnel. If that is correct, and assuming the same status would be afforded to members of the Wagner Group, it suggests that upon signing the contracts, Wagner fighters would be integrated into Russia’s armed forces.

We’re nearly at the end of August now- and the contract signing had been going well as of my previous report, dated June 24/23.

The death is still unconfirmed. The cause of the crash also unconfirmed

It’s important to not jump to conclusions

The UK Government is closely watching the situation but schools minister Nick Gibb said it must avoid making assumptions about the crash.

He told Sky News: “We only heard about this… it only happened a few hours ago.

“We are monitoring the position. It’s important not to jump to conclusions

President Joe Biden was less circumspect, saying: “I don’t know for a fact what happened but I’m not surprised.

“There’s not much that happens in Russia that Putin’s not behind.”

Joe Biden, what a maroon. Is Putin behind Navalny gropin’Joe? Sheesh!

No matter the cause of the plane crash, everyone will see this as an act of retaliation and retribution, and the Kremlin won’t particularly counteract this view. From Putin’s perspective, as well as many among the security and military officials, Prigozhin’s death should serve as a lesson to any potential successors.

I agree with the above statement- no matter the cause of the crash, everyone is seeing this as an act of retaliation. It’s a point of view that won’t be challenged. Why would it be? It serves the state well. The rest of her points are up for debate.

There is heavy speculation, but no evidence, that the crash may not have been an accident.

-It could have been an accident
-It could have been a malfunction of some sorts
-If it was intentional it could have been an internal matter. Internal to Wagner itself
-If it was state sponsored it could have been a NATO state. It could have been Ukraine.
-At this point in time, it seems Putin is least likely to have perped a plane crash. Because, frankly had he wanted Prigozhni dead, he had months already to do it. And didn’t need a plane crash to end his life

Yesterday, there were reports of another plane with Prigozhni’s name on the flight manifest. It landed successfully

Faked death, second plane?

Russia aviation authorities have said Yevgeny Prigozhin was on board an aircraft that crashed on Wednesday night killing all on board, but the Wagner leader’s death may not be as clear-cut as details emerge of a second jet also linked to the mercenary group boss.

However, neither the Kremlin nor the Russian defence ministry have confirmed if Prigozhin was among the dead and mystery surrounds a second private jet which was initially reported to be travelling with the plane which crashed.

Early reports of the crash claimed there may have been two jets, both linked to Prigozhin, making the same journey from Moscow to St Petersburg.

Soon after the plane crashed, flight tracking data seemed to revealed the second private jet looping back to Moscow.

Did you know Prigozhin had “ died” in the Congo in 2019, only to reappear alive three days later

Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kyiv journalist John Sweeney said: “Priogozhin has got previous for this. In 2019 he was supposed to be on a plane in the Congo. It crashed and it turned out he wasn’t on the plane, so you have to worry a little about this. He’s kind of like a vampire. Are we really sure he’s dead?”

Well, I’m not. He’s a very wealthy individual and could easily fake his death and move on in life. And if he is, I’m definitely not sure how he came to be killed. Accidentally or intentionally? But as of now, Putin is one among many potential suspects.

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““There is one huge caveat to the early reporting,” wrote Keir Giles, a senior consulting fellow on the Russia and Eurasia programme at Chatham House. “It’s been announced that a passenger by the name of Yevgeniy Prigozhin was onboard. But it is also known that multiple individuals have changed their name to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, as part of his efforts to obfuscate his travels. So until we know for certain that it’s the right Prigozhin, let’s not be surprised if he pops up shortly in a new video from Africa.”

Chatham House!- See conspiracy theories put forth by msm and think tanks are acceptable
but for people like me and you they are points of ridicule- best ignored, entirely

I don’t believe it was an accident. I can only swallow so many stories of random coincidence. Scott Ritter thinks that given the way the plane spiraled almost straight down this looked like it had a wing blown off which would point to a missile strike rather then a malfunction or bomb on board. Whatever happened or who ever pushed that button it is a great humiliation for Russia timed perfectly to disrupt the global success story of the BRICS conference and celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day. I agree it seems highly unlikely Putin would have chosen this method or this moment to rid himself of a loose cannon irritant. More likely a Russian rogue operation or a foreign actor and in either of those cases it shows either cracks in Kremlin command and control or weakness in territorial air defense.
If it was a rogue Russian operation it’s incumbent on Putin to arrest someone and re-establish control.

The push to blame Putin via the media is overwhelming and yet, as you’ve mentioned the timing- I go back to cui bono always

Prigozhin was already weakened.
contracts had been signed with MoD- Which could be interpreted as “Putin’s revenge”
-the timing looks more advantageous to western interests

still no confirmation on the dead

I’m just putting my hands up in the air/shaking my head at this point in time!

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