Pashinyan’s vicious circle

My views on the Armenian/Azerbaijan issue run somewhat contrary to what is usually promoted among the msm and alt media for the most part. My perception of Armenia does not include seeing them as an ally of Russia, specifically. Nor do I see Pashinyan as a leader who truly has the best interests of Armenian’s at heart. In many ways, my perception of Armenia runs along the line of seeing them as an instigator of trouble in the region. Largely catering to western interests. With little real thought to the well being of Armenians, despite what ever claims Pashinyan makes. They come off as an Israeli style destabilizing force in the area

While previously covering the conflict in Nagarno Karabakh it was very clear that Pashinyan played fast and loose with the truth. With reality. I do fully believe there are armed troops present. And they will attempt to take back control of the territory that is internationally recognized as Azerbaijani territory. He will not concern himself with dead Armenians. As before there were PKK present in NK. Undoubtedly they are still there. Also, Armenia has it’s own terror groups– they’ve been around for some time- and member of these groups are likely present at this time

CIA- The Armenian Secret Army

There’s more information available if you’re interested

* Every lie has a time limit

At the August 10 cabinet meeting, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan once again voiced provocative statements against Azerbaijan. Of course, his main claims to Baku were connected with the Lachin road.

“…The best solution for the situation in Karabakh is the lifting of the illegal blocking of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijan, the start of the Stepanakert [Khankandi]-Baku dialogue within the framework of the international mechanism,” Pashinyan said.

Moreover, he traditionally summed up his absurd demands by alleging that “Armenia continues to reaffirm its commitment to the peace agenda and calls on official Baku to refrain from steps aimed at nullifying the historical opportunity to establish peace”.

This can’t be true, because Armenia led by Pashinyan has no real interest in peace.

That is, the usual name-calling and trash-talking with a fair portion of insinuations about Azerbaijan, counting on the attention of the international community. Pashinyan’s constant repetition of the same fiction suggests that he is moving in a vicious circle, not knowing how to get out of the web of lies that Armenia weaves year after year – both before the latest war and after its defeat.

At the same time, the prime minister is aware that after his loud statements about Armenia’s readiness to recognize Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan, it is advisable for him to support the pan-Armenian myth of the “blockade” in order, firstly, to comply with the set agenda of pretense and deceit, and secondly, to divert from himself spontaneous protests that threaten his power. Someone, let alone Pashinyan, knows how to raise the people and lead them to overthrow the government - he himself once became the head of Armenia in this way.

Second, Armenia is impressed by the role of the victim – in this mournful status, (this is a commonality with Israel) it will be easier for her to drag out negotiations or negotiate some concessions for herself. Of course, in case of support from their patrons.

Pashinyan knows that sooner or later, he will have to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan and officially recognize Karabakh as its. In addition, not in such a distant time – it is unlikely that Baku will let the negotiations hang for another 30 years. Azerbaijan can clear its territory from Armenian gangs in Karabakh at any moment. Does Pashinyan need a new war? I think not.

Do they Armenians need a new war? I don’t think so. Pashinyan doesn’t care.

Accordingly, he is forced to continue the game that has been unraveled for a long time: to pretend to show readiness for peace, trying to convince the international community of adherence to the laws of international law, which is completely on the side of Azerbaijan, and on the other hand, to irritate Russia by withdrawing from the CSTO and turning to the West in order to bargain for economic and political bonuses. Pashinyan most likely understands that by and large, the West does not need impoverished Armenia, the prospects for its entry into the EU or NATO are zero, no matter how the golden mountains of Madame Pelosi and her ilk promise her.

We covered Madame Pelosi’s Armenia adventure previously

Perhaps, that is why Pashinyan stupidly follows the agenda of deception put forward by Armenia that supposedly “in Karabakh, old people faint from hunger and children swell”.

Similarly, the third day of the action of the Armenians of Los Angeles with the demand to “lift the blockade of the Lachin corridor and prevent a humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh” is in progress. It is funny, but the protesters demand the intervention of the well-known lobbyist for Armenian claims, Congressman Adam Schiff. It is unlikely that Schiff will be able to evade – the fees of the Armenian lobby need to be worked out.

In continuation of the topic, one more nuance can be cited, confirming that the Armenian howl about the “blockade” is absolute nonsense and fiction. Moreover, if for a certain part of the international community, there is not enough evidence that there is no blockade on the Lachin road, then perhaps they will be impressed by the recent revelations of the Karabakh “activist” Artur Osipyan, who dispelled the myth “of the famine in Artsakh”.

“I still say that there are problems in Karabakh, the shops are mostly empty, but to say that this is a famine and show small children does not do us honor. We want to tell the whole world: look at our situation, how difficult it is, show our children as victims. This lie does not work! This lie brings the opposite effect and does us no honor,” says Osipyan.

According to him, the “authorities” of Karabakh have been plundering the region for 30 years, so now the “bread lines” are not the result of some kind of “blockade”, but the result of corrupt “rule”.

So no matter how hard they try in Armenia to blame Azerbaijan for all their hardships and expose them as an aggressor in front of the whole world, there will always be living witnesses that neither Pashinyan nor his entourage will be able to ignore.

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