The Planet is Burning: A Meme Brought To Life

So, that’s how I’m seeing the fires that are burning in many places on the planet- Many if not all of the fires are arson. The global media, msm, alt and social media spreads the meme. We’ve long had the idea of the planet burning implanted in our minds. These fires simply reinforce the ideation(the formation of ideas or concepts) A hard sell tactic of propaganda we’ve all been previously exposed to. Like hitting replay.

Think about the “pandemic”and how the deaths in the long term care homes were used to sell panic and spread fear. When most of the elderly died of plain neglect. Neglect that occurred on and at multiple levels.

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Hey Kaz!
I hadn’t previously seen either of those- thanks
I don’t doubt the offshore windfarms can contribute to altering the marine ecosystems- those on the ground affect the local environment so why not in the water?
The youtube video, I’ve got to watch again

If I speculate Intuitively on this matter with what I know.

I almost want to say that the current form of Green Energy, specifically “Wind Energy” is causing disruptions in the Natural Wind Flow causing all these Abnormal weather phenomenon’s.

with other words. Wind Turbines Disrupt Wind of doing its job of maintaining the climate/earth/sea.

So Green Energy could be causing the situation which they currently blame solely on fossil fuels. The bloody Irony

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