Pelosi: Armenia/ Azerbaijan Agitator

Pelosi and her drunken husband should put themselves somewhere that neither of them can do any harm to the world. This feels like a replay of Pelosi's Taiwan stunt. Fueling fires.

For starters:

I do not see Armenia as a victim state, nor do I see Armenia as a good ally of Russia.

You may disagree? Then we’ll agree to disagree.


“We strongly condemn these attacks,” Pelosi said, claiming that the fighting “was initiated by the Azeris and there has to be recognition of that.”

The government of Azerbaijan denied Pelosi’s claim, and its foreign ministry described her accusations as “unsubstantiated, unfair … [and] unacceptable” and accused her of succumbing to “Armenian propaganda.”

Pelosi’s accusations against Azerbaijan also extend well beyond previous remarks by U.S. State Department officials on the clashes. In a recent statement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the fighting and called for a ceasefire but did not attempt to apportion blame for the incident.

As Ms Pelosi is sitting in Armenia making inflammatory statements such as she is…we should understand who is whispering in the Armenian leader, Nikol Pashinyan’s ear..

Pashinyan came to power in a western backed colour revolution- He’s worn his lackie uniform well since that time

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