Ukraine counter-offensive against Russia – no real gains

The headline changed from when I saved the BBC article yesterday.

It read more like this.. Ukraine counter offensive two months in and no real gains

In the 18 months since Russia invaded, the Ukrainians have mostly been on the defensive, preventing Moscow’s forces from seizing more territory.

But this summer, Ukraine – with the help of billions of pounds of Western military equipment – has gone on the attack, attempting to expel the Russians from land they previously captured in the east and south of the country.

Two months into this counter-offensive, and with time of the essence before the onset of winter, are Ukrainian troops making any real progress?

Billions of pounds of western weapons and nothing to show for it.

One look at a large-scale map of eastern and southern Ukraine shows that not much has changed in the two months since the counter-offensive began.

Russia still occupies nearly one-fifth of Ukraine – including the cities of Donetsk, in the east, and Mariupol, which it captured after months of siege – and its forces are well dug in.

Billions of pounds, nearly 40,000 dead. Unknown number of maimed men. The total casualty count has to be edging ever closer to 400,000 dead Ukrainian men and boys-

Why is Ukraine’s progress so slow?

In two months Ukrainian troops have advanced, at most, about 10 miles (16km) in two areas along the region’s 100-mile (160km) front, according to independent analysis.

Progress is being made, but it is slower than Ukraine and its Western allies had hoped.

Explain to me how this can be considered progress at all?!

Billions in weapons. Tens of thousands dead in just two months. No real gain on the ground and this is being sold as progress? Only in the always spinning western media!

Tonight Russia has sent up 15 Tu-95’s

First it was reported that 11 had been sent, but, the latest has the number sits at either 14 or 15.

It looks as if Ukraine is going to be hit hard

check, also

Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy

Meanwhile the Armenia/ Azerbaijan situation is heating up

And we have the coup in Niger- I hope to have more up on that soon.

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