Niger coup: Thousands march to support junta

Thousands of people in Niger’s capital, Niamey, have participated in a peaceful protest in support of the recent military coup in the country. The protesters condemned West African nations that have imposed sanctions on Niger and called for the departure of foreign troops, including those from the US and France, which have military bases in Niger to combat Islamist militants. The demonstration follows a previous protest that led to attacks on the French embassy. While some previous protests featured pro-Russia sentiments, this time organizers discouraged waving Russian flags, and participants mainly displayed Nigerien flags. The Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) has imposed sanctions on Niger and threatened military intervention if the ousted president is not reinstated.

US supports threat to use force to restore order in Niger

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says his country strongly supports the position of regional body ECOWAS in its threat to use force if ousted Niger President Mohamed Bazoum is not reinstated by this Sunday.

Soldiers detained Bazoum on July 26th and took power. This drew regional and global condemnation, including from the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council.

Blinken was guarded in explaining how Washington intended to support ECOWAS in its effort to return Niger to constitutional order.

The US and France have troops on the ground- Not sure why Blinken would be guarded in explaining how Washington may intend to retrieve Niger’s favoured government

Military Engagement, Not an Option”, Atiku Breaks Silence on Niger Coup, Reveals Possible Solution Read more:

PDP flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar, has dropped his two cents regarding the disturbing development in Niger Republic Atiku, in a statement issued on Thursday evening, August 3rd, warned against the use of force against the military juntas in Niger He noted that military hostilities may “exacerbate the status quo,” adding, “the crisis in the Republic of Niger requires diplomatic engagements and sustainable channels for dialogue”

Niger is bordered to the North East by Libya-Nigeria to the south, Benin and Burkina Faso to the southwest, Mali to the west, and Algeria to the northwest.

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