Niger Closes Airspace

There was a deadline, which has come and gone, for reinstatement of the ousted government.

The present government has closed the airspace above Niger, obviously in anticipation of some foreign intervention via the skies above. Clearly, an attempt to thwart this intervention.

The US has had direct contact with the present day government and have asked they step aside

After Niger’s coup, the drums of war are growing louder
So is opposition to restoring the government by force

The Economist

ASSIROU MAHAMADOU, a vegetable seller perched on a stool in Niamey, the capital of Niger, does not look like a fighter. Yet at the mention of threats by Niger’s neighbours to use force to reinstate Mohamed Bazoum, the president who was ousted in a coup on July 26th, he swells with anger. “If they come here, we [civilians] are going to war alongside the army.” He is outraged that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the regional bloc, is considering sending troops to battle the junta, even as it has done little to fight the jihadists that he says are the bigger threat. “ECOWAS has weapons to attack Niger but not to kill the terrorists,” he says. “It’s a disgrace.”

“ECOWAS has weapons to attack Niger but not to kill the terrorists,” he says. “It’s a disgrace.”

Weapons to attack Niger, but, not to kill terrorists… That’s curious isn’t it?

What’s also curious are the reports that Al Qaeda has circled Wagner fighters trying to enter Niger.

I’ve been looking for more information to confirm these claims.. However, these types of claims are believable based on the fact that Niger has a “terrorist”problem. And Al Qaeda is every where the US needs it to be! Always. That said it appears some Wagner fighters/mercenaries did get into Niger or were already present.

Georgia Meloni has taken some serious swipes at Macron- Italy and Africa have an extensive history- For bad and for good. Also interesting. Her speeches have the benefit of playing to the domestic Italian audience at this time, which is being over run with refugees.. that’s a problem for the nation and her people. France doesn’t care because historically they’ve treated Italy as the poor cousins in Europe- Which is a shame because Italy has an extensive ancient history- It’s people are survivors. And the country is beautiful beyond words .

My ancestors are from Italy, what else could you expect me to say 🙂

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