US warns Russia against ‘irresponsible behavior’ in Syria???

Oh, this is rich (rich- informal (of a remark) causing ironic amusement or indignation.

The US being the illegal occupying force alongside terrorist proxies, stealing Syrian resources.

The Cradle

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called on Russia to abide by the laws of the sky and cease “irresponsible behavior” when asked about Russian attacks on US drones in Syria.

The US military claimed Russian fighter “severely” damaged an MQ-9 drone over Syria after hitting it with a flare earlier this week, as confrontations between Russia and the US over Syria’s skies have recently increased.

“We call upon the Russian leadership to make sure that they issue guidance to their troops to abide by the laws of the sky and make sure that they cease this irresponsible behavior,” Austin said.

We’ll continue to engage using the established channels to convey our concern, and we’ll continue to engage senior leadership as appropriate. But, again, we will continue to operate, as we have always operated in the airspaces, and we will protect our interests and our resources,” he added. 

The US MQ-9 Reaper, a surveillance and attack drone, locked its weapons on two Russian warplanes on 26 July over Syria’s northwestern Aleppo governorate, reportedly forcing the jets to drop flares that caused the damage.

This marked the second incident in three days where Russian jets dropped flares on a US drone after their radars showed the Reaper locked weapons on them, according to Rear Admiral Oleg Gurinov, deputy head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria.

Addressing Sunday’s showdown, Gurinov said the Reaper was flying in a “reckless manner” and that the collision was avoided thanks to “the high level of professionalism” of Russian pilots. 

Washington is on edge over alleged coordination between Russia and Iran to “force” the US military, which illegally occupies large swathes of northeast Syria, including the country’s most important oil and grain-producing regions, to end its presence.

Sure seems to me as if the US attack drones were harassing the Russian jets- (locking weapons on to them) I don’t think I’m mistaken in drawing this conclusion.

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