Transrights are Human Rights?

This is the rallying cry of the “transcrowd” This is their call, their demand, for human rights.

We can’t attribute this call to others it does not belong to anyone else but the transprotestors. Their war chant is repeated over and over at protests. It’s on all their signs etc.,

Clearly they are human beings having the same rights as all other humans. Are they admitting they are not human? That they don’t perceive themselves as humans? Is it only by demanding others recognize them as such that they can allow themselves to be human?

A tree makes a sound when it falls, even if no one hears it, right? Yet the hearing is what validates the taking place of the actual fall itself. Are the transpeople needing external validation of their humanity? It seems entirely possible, considering their ideology. And if they need this external validation to make them “real” what does this say to us about their mental/emotional state?

Input appreciated.

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Hi Penny,
Slogans can be a double edge sword. They are designed to be short, pithy catch phrases that fit easily on a cardboard sign, flow easily off the tongue and well within the ‘lowest common denominator’ vocabulary of mass media communication. Slogans are meant to elicit an emotive reaction rather than an intellectual one. They are a bombastic attempt to yell out your opinion and ensure that you get noticed.
Can Trans people be trying to affirm their humanity? Perhaps, but more likely they are trying to self identify with ‘human rights’ which is another crowd pleasing fuzzy concept. After all what human doesn’t like the sound of ‘human rights’? It no longer pertains to any proclamations in any U.N. Charter or any philosophical musings in any national constitution, but is now understood as ‘what I think should be’.
I find this similar to the argument after the “Black Lives Matter” slogan was answered with “All Lives Matter” and caused tremendous uproar from people believing that their slogan had been ‘stolen’.
I believe that the Trans movement has not subjected their new slogan to the type of logical analysis you exercised above. They just wanted something to shout out when demonstrating their affirmation that they have a right to exist, something I do not see anyone questioning.

Hi Mark
Have I mentioned my husband tells me I think too much? As if that’s a bad thing 😉
The Black Lives Matter… oh to have my old site publicly accessible. The Trans protests and the BLM protests are part and parcel of the same divide to conquer type strategy-
I recall the uproar over the all lives matter rebuttal- which is actually correct. All LIVES MATTER. And the BLM “catch phrase” was coming off as supremacist,and exclusionary. No matter how it was argued against that was the fact of it! Recall the privilege the BLM movement had to protest during Covid? While others were policed, locked down and I’d say brutalized by law enforcement. mostly “white” though not exclusively the BLM movement was allowed free reign to protest and pillage, really. The trans and blm movement share some similarities that are too obvious to not notice. The over blown sense of entitlement is one feature. The belief that they have supremacy over the very legitimate concerns of others- which are always presented as “hate” is another feature of these state sanctioned protests.
And your right no one is questioning their right to exist. I’ve not seen it anywhere. I honestly question if they understand that they are being used for nefarious reasons. Same as most black persons in BLM- while some made off with all sorts of $$$$$- Most continue on as they did before.

Why I think it’s possible they may be asking for outside validation of their humanity?
Because- I think they have a real disconnect from that reality- I think there are real mental health issues some of them are dealing with and this leaves them in a bad place to begin with.
If you question your real biological sex- and your existence as a person of that sex- than there is a real problem of disconnect occurring. It’s common during pre teen years when ones body is changing to feel that sort of — wow what’s happening? I’m changing? I’m different? And what worries me is this makes these individuals susceptible to influence that is harmful to both physical and mental well being- which goes back to is this a desire for outside validation of ones humanness?

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