Ukraine Missile Strike on Crimea Bridge- Significant?

Apparently not so much?


A strike on a Russian-controlled bridge doesn’t change much itself. But it may indicate a more potent strategy

Video released from the scene by Russian officials shows a significant hole in the road bridge and apparent damage to the neighbouring rail track, caused, Russian investigators later said, by four missiles. In the video, Vladimir Saldo, the Russian installed governor of occupied Kherson region, walks around the wreckage, and bemoans “another pointless action” assisted, he says, by the London-supplied Storm Shadow missile.

“It won’t decide any results of the special operation”, Saldo adds, before admitting it will make some food and other deliveries a little harder. They will have to use another, longer route, he added, to the West through Armyansk and Perekop, closer to Ukrainian positions.

Video from Al Jazeera

Is this strike being overhyped because the counter offensive isn’t going well? Because initial claims led one to believe the bridge had been blown up!

There was also another report I’d seen about this present counter offensive being the preparation of the real or main or big counteroffensive. This doesn’t make sense to me based on prior information and claims

Also, Zelensky is making claims Russia will attack the ZNPP. Though it’s been reported already there is no truth to the cooling pond being mined? I’ve previously covered the reality of Ukrainian Forces targeting the plant- Again we see the UN acknowledging/admitting Ukraine does attack the power station

UN nuclear chief urges Russia and Ukraine to ban attacks at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

This is a warning to Ukraine first and foremost

Grossi “respectfully and solemnly” asked Ukraine and Russia to observe the principles, saying IAEA experts at Zaporizhzhia will start monitoring and he will publicly report on any violations:

Ban attacks from or against the plant, especially targeting reactors and spent fuel storage areas. (that’s what Ukrainian forces have been doing, attacking reactors and spent fuel storage areas)

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