Ukraine has ‘paused counteroffensive’; Russia denies official’s claim about ‘retaken’ town


Ukraine may have temporarily halted its counteroffensive into Russian-occupied areas to re-evaluate its tactics, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). This comes after Moscow rowed back on a Russian official’s admission that the town of Piatykhatkyin had been retaken.

Ukraine may have temporarily halted it’s counteroffensive ? Interesting because Ukraine hesitated to acknowledge the counteroffensive had started. And now it’s been halted? Temporarily?

Moscow rowed back on admission Piatykhatkyin had been retaken? I understand there’s been some back and forth about this town- Having been following Military Summary. It’s a situation that’s in flux.

Given the fact that Ukraine is dependent on western largesse to wage their proxy war, why has Ukraine opted to pause the counter offensive that they hesitated to begin?

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