Evidence “suggests” Russia blew Kakhovka dam

  • The evidence suggests? Weasel wording.
  • The evidence does not explicitly support the contention. (in a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt)
  • I’ve yet to see any visual indication of an explosion other than the fake news released immediately afterwards. Has anyone else?
  • This is the same type of claim that followed the bombing of the North Stream pipeline- Initially blaming Russia, which was ridiculous. That narrative has now changed to blame Ukraine.


June 18 (Reuters) – Evidence suggests this month’s destruction of the huge Kakhovka dam in a Russian-controlled area of Ukraine resulted from an inside explosion set off by Russia, the New York Times said.

Citing engineers and explosive experts, the newspaper said on Friday that its investigation found evidence suggesting an explosive charge in a passageway running through the dam’s concrete base detonated, destroying the structure on June 6.

“The evidence clearly suggests the dam was crippled by an explosion set off by the side that controls it: Russia,” the Times said.

Separately, a team of international legal experts assisting Ukraine’s prosecutors in their investigation said in preliminary findings on Friday it was “highly likely” the collapse in Ukraine’s Kherson region was caused by explosives planted by Russians.


“Erosion from water cascading through the gates could have led to a failure if the dam were poorly designed, or the concrete was substandard, but engineers called that unlikely,” the newspaper said.

Or if the dam had been degraded by previous bombings?


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