Turkey’s Opposition Candidate Will Steer Turkey Back Into Western Clutches

The word clutches means to grasp and hold, tightly, strongly and quickly. The Opposition is very clearly stating this is their plan. They will move Turkey away from some independence and back into near servitude to US/NATO interests.

Western media is still suggesting the opposition has the lead in polls, but, the weasel wording has me questioning the veracity of the claim.


ISTANBUL—Turkey’s top opposition candidate for president, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, resting in a hotel suite after addressing throngs of screaming supporters, said he would steer Turkey closer to NATO and the West if he wins Sunday’s election.

Mr. Kilicdaroglu says he would strengthen Turkey’s role as linchpin of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization after Mr. Erdogan sought to build a closer relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also aims to revive Turkey’s bid to join the European Union.

Of course they are appealing to the easily manipulated young voter

There are 5.3 million young people who will go to the ballot box for the first time and cast their votes and they want freedom and democracy,” Mr. Kilicdaroglu said Saturday in an interview, an hour after concluding a rally at dusk before a huge crowd of supporters on Istanbul’s Asian bank

Mr. Kilicdaroglu said that he would maintain Turkish investments in Russia but would comply with Western decisions with regard to sanctioning Russia, leaving Moscow more isolated than before.

“Turkey is a member of the Western alliance and NATO and Putin also knows this well,” he said. “Turkey must comply with decisions taken by NATO.

Mr. Kilicdaroglu, the gray-haired 74-year-old leader of Turkey’s largest opposition party, holds at least a slight lead over Mr. Erdogan in most recent polls, though often short of the 50% threshold he would need for a first-round victory on Sunday, making a runoff against Mr. Erdogan likely.

At least a slight lead? What does that mean? It means there is no lead of any substantive nature or any lead what so ever, but, we’ll suggest there is one to the western audience.

Acknowledged in this next sentence:

“Still, Mr. Kilicdaroglu faces a stiff challenge in converting discontent into electoral victory.”

So the opposition is facing a stiff challenge to convert discontent into electoral victory- I can’t imagine the opposition stating they will deliver Turkey back to US hands is a winning statement, IN TURKEY. However, he made that statement in an interview for the Wall Street Journal- Very clearly that message is aimed to a western audience.

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Thanks for the update on the Turkish elections, Penny. Wonder if the West can/will do it’s usual ballot box frauding. It’s amazing. Erdogan’s Turkish election is likely more democratic than our “Chinese Intervened” Canadian selections.

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