Britain Cautions, Ukraine Offensive May Not Be Decisive

Don’t pin excessive hopes on upcoming operation

Britain’s top diplomat on Tuesday cautioned that a long-awaited Ukrainian offensive against Russia may not prove decisive as he urged sustained support for Kyiv.

On a visit to Washington, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly called for ramped-up military aid to help Ukraine win as quickly as possible — but warned not against pinning excessive hopes on the upcoming operation.

I hope and expect they will do very, very well, because whenever I’ve seen the Ukrainians they have outperformed expectations.

“But we have to be realistic. This is the real world; this is not a Hollywood movie,” he said.

Rather than try to resolve diplomatically, the US/UK solution is more weapons

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The British position like that of all of NATO remains contemptible, keep pumping in money till all the Ukrainian elite is fully recompensed and keep pumping in weapons and ammo till the last soldier is killed. Then profit by the “build back better”.
Cleverly says, “…this is not a Hollywood movie…”. Not too clever. it’s much darker and more insidious than anything Hollywood could think up.

Hi Penny:
It looks to me as if the Ukraine offensive will be decisive as in it will be a decisive loss for Ukraine which may lead to the end of support for the proxy war against Russia.

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