Turkish Opposition is Deconstructionist

That’s from the Globe and Mail article featured in the previous report-

Which is why the US is leading the way in supporting the opposition.

Deconstruction- THE ACT OF BREAKING SOMETHING DOWN INTO SEPARATE PARTS, allegedly to understand it better, but not really!

It’s just an obfuscation of the plan, it’s a nice way of saying Turkey’s opposition will work towards balkanizing or breaking Turkey apart- The process will take place over time, but, it will take place. And this has been long desired by US led NATO.

I cannot fathom the global destabilization this will create. However, the Economist is giving you a clue

“That would reshape the country and reverberate around the world

He was jailed and barred from public office, yet managed to overturn the ban and came to dominate Turkish politics. He has won five parliamentary elections, two presidential polls and three referendums. He has even faced down a (western backed) military coup.

A loss for Mr Erdogan would not just be the end of an era. It would initiate enormous upheaval in Turkey, with loud reverberations in the region and around the world. Turkey is, after all, the world’s 11th-biggest economy, after adjusting for the cost of living, ahead of Canada, Italy and South Korea. It is a pivotal and awkward member of NATO, both close to the front lines of the war in Ukraine and yet, under Mr Erdogan, disconcertingly chummy with the regime of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. It stands between Europe and the chaos of the Middle East, and plays a crucial role in moderating the flow of refugees to the EU. It is also one of the few genuine democracies in the Muslim world

Mr Erdogan is trying to distract attention from all this by pointing to the many advances Turkey has made on his watch. Over the past month alone, he has inaugurated the country’s first nuclear plant, celebrated the tapping of a big gasfield in the Black Sea, jumped behind the wheel of Turkey’s first electric car and unveiled its first aircraft-carrier.

And Turkey, as a nation, has made advances. New alliances in the region and more

The message such projects are meant to convey is that Mr Erdogan has defied the West to transform Turkey into a world power, and that the best is still to come. “If you’re wondering why he still hovers at more than 40% [in the polls],” says Galip Dalay, an analyst, “one reason is this idea and this language of grandeur.”

It is not all hollow rhetoric. Mr Erdogan took power in 2003, on the heels of an inflationary spiral and a banking crisis that had trampled the economy. He initially presided over steady growth, in the economy as a whole and in the middle class. Many Turks benefited enormously and remain loyal to Mr Erdogan as a result.

The opposition, in contrast, promises a return to economic orthodoxy.

That means western neo liberal economics. Western media wants you to believe Erdogan will subvert the vote- Even the opposition scoffs at this. Likely because they are aware that it will be the western hand that attempts to subvert the vote. As they already have.

“Opposition politicians, however, wave aside such concerns, saying they are confident in the integrity of the vote, and that Mr Erdogan would not dare challenge the people’s will, on which his legitimacy depends.”

I’m of the mind Erdogan has enough support, including among the Kurdish population to win. They’ve supported him previously- He’s been polling higher than western media spin doctors care to admit.

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