Woke Totalitarianism To End Free Speech- Brazil Included

Media blackout as politicians in EU, US, UK, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, and Australia seek to outlaw wrongthink

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I had previously reported on Brazil’s push to censorship. Either in a post or in the comments. If not, Brazil’s Fake News Lie ….

So we’ll all be ostensibly protected from ‘disinformation’ Canada and the US as well as the UK are well on their tyrannical way.

Politicians, NGOs, and their enablers in the news media claim that their goal is merely to protect the public from “disinformation.” But vague definitions and loopholes in new laws will create avenues for broad application, overreach, and abuse.

In Ireland, for example, the government may soon be able to imprison citizens simply for possessing material that officials decide is “hateful.” Under the RESTRICT Act in the US, the government may soon have the authority to monitor the Internet activity of any American deemed a security risk.

Governments aim for total control. In Canada, a state agency can filter and manipulate what Canadians see online. In Australia, a single government official can compel social media companies to remove posts.

Governments and allied NGOs intend to force tech companies to comply with their rules. UK lawmakers have threatened to imprison social media managers who don’t censor enough content. And Brazil has introduced severe penalties for platforms that fail to remove “fake news.


The key area of action is the European Union. It is seeking sweeping new powers to regulate social media companies. And if it acts, it may change how social media companies operate worldwide, given the EU’s economic power and influence globally.

Under the EU’s Digital Services Act, large tech companies must share their data with “vetted researchers” from non-profits and academia, which would cede content moderation to NGOs and their state sponsors.

The US’s RESTRICT Act, sponsored by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), threatens 20 years in prison or a $250,000 fine for accessing blacklisted websites through “virtual private networks,” or VPNs, which are ways to create a private connection between a computer or phone and the Internet.

There has been no moment similar to this one in the roughly 30 years of widespread public Internet usage in Western societies.

Officials have introduced these policies mostly in the dead of night with little publicity or outcry. There has been a virtual blackout of what’s happening by mainstream news media corporations, with many appearing to support the new laws.

As shown with the Twitter Files, the Censorship Industrial Complex is as much about discrediting accurate facts, true narratives, and content creators who threaten its power while boosting the ones that do.

We are thus witnessing the emergence of a governmental apparatus with the power to control the information environment in ways that determine what people believe to be true and what is false.

As such, it is no exaggeration to say that the West is on the cusp of a new and much more powerful form of totalitarianism than either Communism or Fascism, which were limited in their reach by geography.

The timing of the global crackdown on free speech does not appear to be coincidental.

That global crackdown included Brazil- that’s plainly clear

Last year, the Biden administration tried to create a department of censorship (“Disinformation Governance Board”) at the Department of Homeland Security that triggered a strong enough backlash to shut it down.

The censorship board was the brainchild of “former” CIA Fellow Renee DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory and her allies, including Senator Warner, The Atlantic Council, the University of Washington, and Graphika.

What’s happening now appears to represent the re-grouping of censorship advocacy that occurred after that defeat. With some notable exceptions, the demand for censorship is being driven by center-Left parties, with NGOs playing a subservient role.

Politicians are invoking a woke defense of “preventing harm” that is very different from the older pretext for censorship, national security. The push is race-based, immigration-based (e.g., Ireland), trans-based (e.g., Ireland and Australia), and safety- or health-based (e.g., the EU).

None of the politicians advocating censorship appear to be intellectual heavyweights, much less leaders. (that’s plainly obvious) Rather, they all appear to be tools for powerful government and financial interests, including military and intelligence leaders, hiding in the shadows.

The Brazil law proposes censorship to protect institutions from violence and institutional delegitimation following last year’s attack on Congress, which was eerily similar to the January 6 security failure in Washington, D.C.

In Canada, politicians are advocating censorship in the name of promoting Canadian culture and content, but some critics of the bill speculate that it was crafted in response to the trucker “Freedom Convoy” in 2021. The convoy was celebrated on YouTube and social media and inaccurately maligned as “racist” in the mainstream Canadian press.

The Ottawhiners and the state financed media were the most disgraceful and malignant abusers and disinformation spreaders in Canada

The article is lengthy and indepth. My suggestion is that everyone reads it in full- Or one day, places like mine, will simply be disappeared down the state sponsored censorship hole. It’s already happened to me once.

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the censorship is already beginning

Meta has team working to block news on Facebook, Instagram from Canadian users

“So if we are being asked to compensate news publishers for material that has no economic value to us, that’s where the problem is.”

This worries me, being asked to compensate publishers for sharing the news for discussion and educational purposes. I feel it’s educational. I learn. I hope you learn. I learn from the commenters!

Hi Penny,
Censorship is a last ditch move by regimes that lack legitimacy, as they try, in desperation, to hold back the irresistible tide of public opinion.
OK…Ok…so most regimes lack ‘legitimacy’ so there have always been attempts at censorship. The Vatican tried to silence the ‘modern science’ of Galileo and Copernicus but still the “Enlightenment” happened. Those same Catholics tried to persecute heresy and it only resulted in Martin Luther and the Protestants. (catchy moniker). We tried to censor everything erotic and now we wallow knee deep in all access pornography. The more radical/extreme the regime is, the more pervasive the censorship, but even Hitler and Stalin had trouble stopping the spread of radio waves and the tangible printed word.

What worries me the most is the all encompassing acceptance of the internet as the sole means of societal communication. That and the resulting intellectual laziness brought on by digital convenience and education system failures. It seems like ‘word of mouth’ it’ll have to be as we let ourselves get hopelessly entangled in the web of political censorship. However, uninformed and desperate localized ‘word of mouth’ often leads to more violent and disjointed revolutions.
“Strap yourself in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

“What worries me the most is the all encompassing acceptance of the internet as the sole means of societal communication.”

I’m going to agree with you on that, though I do communicate via the internet through my site. This site.
I’ve already experienced the censorship first hand when google took away the blog I’d had since 08- Allegedly for violating “community standards” I never knew what my violation was- what “community standard” had been violated. No one ever communicated with me about what ever it was- I have initiated a number of requests to get my old site back and publicly accessible- to no avail.
At the same time I realize it is not the sole or only form of communication and as my husband says about me ” I talk to everyone”
And am known to be an active meme bomber in public (drop thoughtful tidbits into conversations, intentionally)
On line discourse is convenient in some ways and very inconvenient in other ways- as for the education system- don’t even get me started on that!
It should more accurately be called the “edu-indoctrination system” That’s all it is. That’s all it’s become. I think that was inevitable given the roots of it’s early beginnings.

I agree with this
“Censorship is a last ditch move by regimes that lack legitimacy, as they try, in desperation, to hold back the irresistible tide of public opinion.”

In Canada, not sure if you’d agree, but my opinion, it was the convoy and covid challengers that showed the Trudeau regime he didn’t have legitimacy and this move again by the Trudeau regime is a an act of desperation.

I’m citing the Trudeau regime because they are the power at this time. Can’t say if it would’ve been different with another government? And it makes no difference. The Trudeau regime is the tyranny. And it’s tenuous hold on power has made this censorship a must. At least here in Canada- But we can many others are following suit. Many so called democratic and dare I call them “leftist” parties.
Biden, Trudeau, Lula (who was supposed to be some kind of hero)

It is going to be a very interesting ride, for sure! In the end people like you, me and the readers here will be okay. I’m confident.
Because we’ve already forced their reaction-by challenging their illegitimate authority- That suggests to me we hold the upper hand.

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