Where Did All the “Trust the Science People” Go

As the CDC liar Rochelle Walensky resigns, allegedly, taking people by surprise- “Blindsiding many health officials”

Yup, the rats are jumping from the sinking ship.. we'd be wise to understand that persons like Walensky, Fauci, Tam, Trudeau and so many other tin pot tyrants need to be held to account. Prison would be a very good place to begin.

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Quote: “As the head of Massachusetts General Hospital’s infectious disease division and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Walenksy was widely respected in public health circles for her work, including decades of HIV research.”
That’s all I need to know about Walenksy. I have no respect for any medical researcher who has spent decades on HIV research (the virus that has never been proven to do anything). When money is more important than the science, it’s hard to trust the science.
When immune suppressed patients are given immune suppressing therapies that eventually cause their kidneys or liver to fail, how could HIV be at fault? It’s not HIV causing their symptoms, it’s the treatment.

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