Let ballot speak: Western media meddling Turkish vote as end looms

I’m seeing the same psyops play out regarding Turkey’s election that I’ve seen while covering previous elections

Pre-stamped ballots

Stories like those below are simply non credible. These ballots are in Australia and had to have been opened by someone to take the “photographic evidence”- There is only one scenario that makes sense here- whoever opened the ballots stamped some of them for the media report to report on as tampering. That’s all that can be demonstrated.

Example: Claim: Unopened ballots, pre marked in Australia

“Journalist Candaş Tolga Işık on May 5 announced that during Turkish voting in Australia, election officials have discovered unopened ballots that were already stamped in favor of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).”

The journalist, not an election official, announced the claim and shared the photos- Are these actual ballots? I don’t know? Do you? Clearly the smear is on. Grade A ++++ Bullshit!

Turkey is a very big player on this planet and Erdogan is reviled by the US- The West is not going to let this election play out, as it should.

Daily Sabah

The popularly elected president will be able to make serious changes regarding the system of government, the fight against the PKK and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) terrorists, and the country’s international standing

Last but not least, The Economist recently called on Turkish voters to support Kılıçdaroğlu to “save democracy” – a shameless attempt to meddle in this month’s elections. The political establishment must tell that publication, together with many others in the Western media, that the Turkish people alone shall decide Türkiye’s future and they should shut their mouths.

All the western media coverage is fawning over the opposition and suddenly I’m blocked from accessing Anadalou Agency- based in TurkeyI could view it yesterday. Today, no way, no how! I’m hoping that is a situation that works itself out! Or I can get it worked out.

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