More than 80% of Bakhmut/Artemovsk Under Russian Control


-The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group on Tuesday said his forces controlled more than 80% of the devastated eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut after some of war’s heaviest and bloodiest fighting.

Senior Ukrainian military officials did not address the claims directly, but said their forces were holding firm against fierce attacks in what once was a city of 70,000 and keeping Russian forces in check.

The Ukrainian statement does not address the claim at all. Saying their forces are continuing to fight does not challenge or prove wrong the statement of 80% plus of territory being Russian held. It’s an obfuscation. Plain and simple.

The only fact I can take away from the Ukrainian statement is forces are present in what ever remains and they continue to fight.

However, I’ve also heard reports that many Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering. That I don’t doubt. The situation appears so dire that surrendering is likely the smartest move and best chance of surviving.

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