Biden Ends Covid Emergency

Since the “pandemic” was always political. Down to it’s very definition. It was always going to meet it’s end politically. That’s was the reality of this so called crisis.

Rolling Stone

The COVID-19 National Emergency is officially over.
For most, the end of the national emergency will be most visible in the increased price of covid tests and vaccinations.

For those chicken little types that can’t let their favourite larping role go. You’re going to have to!

(When you say that someone is larping and you’re not talking about the literal game, you are saying that they are role-playing in their actual real life. Used in a derogatory fashion- associated with virtue signalling)

But healthcare providers across the country are bracing for changing hiring guidelines, federal funding cuts, and the return of pre-pandemic rules for hospitals and clinics. Surveillance of the spread of covid will also be curtailed, with labs no longer being required to report testing data to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

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The Covid “emergency” might be declared over but with no one held accountable, gain of function “research” continues in preparation for the next grand unveiling. Work is being done now to find a catchy new nickname. Keep a look out for the theatrical trailer and the return of the daily Teresa Tam press briefing. As with Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars there is no repressing a recycled cash cow.

Hi Mark

There is no repressing a recycled cash cow. Absolutely!
I know the powers that shouldn’t be will try again, my hope is that there won’t be such a crowd of believers.

Hi Penny,
It’s good for our health to stay optimistic and I try to remain that way. I do believe that the shared will to survive will allow humanity to see through the psy-ops which deceive so many. Already the green carbon agenda is crumbling as more regions suffer from energy insecurity. Trust in government, monopolistic mass media and pharmaceutical ‘science’ is falling.
But : When I see the 10 – 15% of people around here remain masked in public it makes me think of what little I know about ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ , where the captivated start to identify with their oppressors. They are saying ” Don’t talk to me, i fear human interaction”. I pity those forced by their employers to stay boosted and masked.

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