US scrambles to identify source of highly classified intel leak

When the news of the leaked documents first came to light all the documents discussed were to about Ukraine- Today I read there were more to the leaks than initially claimed.

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Classified documents that appeared online, with details ranging from Ukraine’s air defenses to Israel’s Mossad spy agency, have US officials scrambling to identify the leak’s source, with some experts saying it could be an American.

Officials say the breadth of topics addressed in the documents, which touch on the war in Ukraine, China, the Middle East and Africa, suggest they may have been leaked by an American rather than an ally.

“The focus now is on this being a US leak, as many of the documents were only in US hands,” Michael Mulroy, a former senior Pentagon official, told Reuters in an interview.

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Following disclosure of the leak, Reuters has reviewed more than 50 documents labeled “Secret” and “Top Secret” that first appeared last month on social media websites, beginning with Discord and 4Chan. While some of the documents were posted weeks ago, their existence was first reported on Friday by the New York Times.

It is not clear why at least one is marked unclassified but includes top secret information. Some documents are marked “NOFORN,” meaning they cannot be released to foreign nationals.

Two US officials told Reuters on Sunday that they have not ruled out that the documents may have been doctored to mislead investigators as to their origin or to disseminate false information that may harm US security interests.

In a statement on Sunday, the Pentagon said it was reviewing the validity of the photographed documents that “appear to contain sensitive and highly classified material.”

The Pentagon has referred the issue to the Department of Justice, which has opened a criminal investigation.

Based on this new information coming to light it NOW seems to me that Ukraine is not likely the source of the leak. It still looks as if these are legitimate documents. Most probably leaked by an American. Who? Why? When? And how will this be spun?

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I’ve been trying to scrape up informative “information” on the latest round of “Pentagon Leaks” ( Yikes, shades of Vietnam ) and only succeeded in making myself dizzy on competing spin platforms.
We cannot be surprised that these documents are authentic, after all
US military high command and the expensive all powerful “Intelligence Agencies” have allowed ‘forgetful’ septuagenarian civilian politicians (Biden, Trump, the Clinton/ Bush creatures) to not return mountains of classified materials and haphazardly store them in closets and garages.
What is becoming clear is that these leaks illustrate that there are deep divides in American support for the war in the Ukraine. It should not seem surprising that US military leaders are hesitant to further deplete strategic weapon and munition reserves in support of a media driven illusion of a decisive Ukrainian ‘spring offensive’ let alone the unlikely prospect of an eventful NATO victory.
Currently I see the most logical deductions in the somewhat reserved comments from long time CIA whistleblower Philip Giraldi in the very short piece attached below

Hey Mark
Yah, once I saw this latest round of coverage, I had to rethink what was going on here?

The leak will or should cause pressure for the Biden administration. And if it succeeds in kick starting negotiations to settle the Ukraine situation that’s a bonus for sure!

Read the piece. Short, sweet and to the point!

I’d like to see the actual documents to evaluate how or if they could have been altered. The parts that impact current NATO allies would be of special interest as one would think they might give rise to indignant backlash. Mentions of MOSSAD interference in current political turmoils in Israel seem likely to cause consternation in some underground bunkers near Tel Aviv.

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