The Pentagon Document Leak Originated In Ukraine

Of course it’s an opinion. But it’s one that makes the most sense.

I’ve been following the news on this leak? It’s interesting for sure. Mostly probably these are legitimate documents that have been leaked. Most likely the leak originated in Ukraine. Maybe someone is growing tired of Ukrainians fighting US/NATO’s war to the last Ukrainian.

Were the documents leaked so it would become widely known just how poor Ukraine is doing? Which would put an enormous amount of pressure on Zelensky. To get the job done?

Or to encourage his overthrow? By those within his government?

Judging by numerous reports I’ve read the biggest issue is the Ukrainian military casualty count- Which is supposed to be exaggerated. According to the US? But I beg to differ on that! After all it was some months ago, November 2022, Ursula von der Leyen said the death count of service men was more than 100,000.

While the Russian military count is alleged to be downplayed or less than to what the US usually claims it is.

  • Globe and Mail-
  • Routine updates that would be produced daily.
  • Details on the progress of weapons and equipment entering Ukraine
  • And military losses for Russia and Ukraine

The documents, which were posted on sites such as Twitter, are labeled secret and resemble routine updates that the U.S. military’s Joint Staff would produce daily but not distribute publicly. They are dated ranging from Feb. 23 to March 1, and provide what appears to be details on the progress of weapons and equipment going into Ukraine with more precise timelines and amounts than the U.S. generally provides publicly.

If the published documents are authentic to any degree, however, the leak of classified data is troubling and raises questions about what other information about the Ukraine war – or any coming offensive – could be distributed. U.S. officials on Friday provided no clarity on the origin of the documents, their authenticity, or who actually was the first to post them online.

Under a section titled “Total Assessed Losses,” one document lists 16,000-17,500 Russian casualties and up to 71,000 Ukrainian casualties.

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said publicly last November that Russia has lost “well over” 100,000 soldiers, and Ukraine had lost about that many also.

Yes, Ukraine had lost well over 100,000 soldiers as of November last year- Surely that’s only gone higher. As we all know the Ukrainian’s have not had the means to properly defend themselves or their territory- so the loss can only be substantially higher

We really don’t know how many Russian soldiers have been lost- Based on my own reading- I’d say it’s vastly less than the Ukrainian count. Not matter Milley’s spin

We’re supposed to believe this leak shows Russian Intelligence is compromised

The documents, which surfaced on Twitter, Telegram, message board 4chan and elsewhere on Friday, contain warnings to US intelligence agencies ahead of Russian attacks in Ukraine and even include details about specific intended targets.

This does not mean Russian intelligence is compromised. It could indicate the US has a robust and entrenched means of gathering information- From satellites etc.,

The classified documents also reportedly reveal US efforts to spy on Ukraine’s top political and military leaders and the plan developed with NATO to help Ukraine launch a counterattack.

The fact the US is spying could indicate there is a leaker in the Ukrainian structure

If these were faked documents would Zelensky meet with officials to warn them about preventing the leakage of information

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office released a statement Friday about a meeting he had with his senior military staff, and it noted that “the participants of the meeting focused on measures to prevent the leakage of information regarding the plans of the defence forces of Ukraine.”

The leak of these documents likely came from within Ukraine.

What do you think?

Oh and one more thing.. NATO is involved, clearly. And that’s always been the case. And this is confirmed in the leaked documents.

Again, perhaps someone in Ukraine’s government doesn’t want to fight the US/NATO war against Russia to the last Ukrainian.

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My eyes always gloss over when confronted with casualty figures publicized by belligerents, and make no mistake the US and NATO are belligerents. Mark Milley has ample reason to lie to his government, his allies, his own people and likely even to himself. The same can be said about Zelensky and the Russians. ( Ursula von der Leyen might have less use for creative accounting.) The truth will not come out till someone surrenders or is eradicated and even then it must be served up with a heavy dose of salt from the mines of Bakhmut / Artemovsk . You are no doubt correct in assuming that there are elements in the Ukrainian armed forces that want to get rid of Zelensky to end the killing in negotiations with Moscow. As to the veracity of the ‘leaked’ documents or their origin I am in no position to hypothesize. There are leaks all over the Ukrainian side from everyone with “click bait”, a cell phone and convenient Starlink connectivity. Ukrainian ‘offensive plans’ can be accurately assumed by anyone with some knowledge of the weapons systems involved and access to any number of freely accessed troop disposition maps. In that respect the “fog of war” has lifted above the blood soaked fields of the Ukraine which have suffered so many times before.

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But, back to Ukraine.

I realize what is written is just best guess based on the information I can access. Not best guess that’s not quite right. I went over tons of scenarios before writing this post- From the perspective of the US, Ukraine and Russia.
First thought that came to me was the US leaked these documents to claim Russia had infiltrated, hacked or somehow gained access to their intelligence apparatus to demonize Russia and justify some sort of big move.
Then went through Russia possibly being the leaker and what their angle might be

But finally settled on what made the most sense to me based on the reports from varying media sources- that the leak came from Ukrainian sources.

That said I do think these are legitimate documents-
Well, what I’ve read so far
And I notice the paucity of news coverage. I’d have expected this leak to play a bigger role in the week end news coverage. It hasn’t. Not that I’ve seen.
I’ll add a bit more info to a newer report some time today-

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