Abuse of the Hungarian Minority in Ukraine Continues

And impedes Ukraine’s Accession to the EU and NATO. Ukraine is a problematic neighbour, despite western claims

Hungary will not support Ukraine’s EU/NATO while Hungarian minority rights are eroded

Tamás Menczer tells Ukraine it must first resolve its treatment of the Hungarian minority residing in the country

Hungary will not support Ukraine’s integration into the European Union or NATO until the rights of the Hungarian national community are restored, said Tamás Menczer, state secretary for bilateral relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, told the M1 news channel on Wednesday.

Menczer stressed that Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO is being opposed due to the erosion of Hungarian minority rights in relation to education, culture, and the use of the Hungarian language since 2015.

Hungary’s position remains unchanged, and the integration process requires a unanimous position, whether in the EU or NATO, the minister reminded viewers.

Based on numerous reports I’ve read, it seems Ukraine has a penchant to send/ kidnap the ethnic Hungarians for military service.

Szilágyi: Hungary provides Transcarpathian Hungarian community all the support it possibly can

Péter Szilágyi, the deputy state secretary for the policy for Hungarian communities abroad, said Hungary is providing the Transcarpathian Hungarian community with all the support it possibly can to ensure that Hungarians living in western Ukraine can stay where they are.

Speaking in Toronto at a fundraising event, Szilágyi said the relationship between the diaspora and Hungarians of the Carpathian Basin was deepening thanks to the work of the past years. He said that Hungary in 2023, “the year of the caring nation”, was dedicated to nurturing national values and looking after Hungarian communities in neighboring countries and in the diaspora. Regarding the war in Ukraine, he said at the event held on Saturday local time that Hungary was determined not to get dragged into it, and it called for a ceasefire and peace negotiations. Hungary continues to give priority to supporting schools and organisations of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community, he said, thanking the National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada for organising the fundraising event.

And yes there are many ethnic Hungarians and their descendants here! In fact, you will still see the Hungarian flag flying in some parts of my city.

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Given what the ultra nationalist Kiev regime has done to their much larger group of ethnic Russian citizens since 2015 it’s hard to imagine that they would accommodate Hungarian desires to protect the language or culture of the Hungarian diaspora in what’s left of their nation. That would be the case even more so if they were somehow able to ‘win’ in the current conflict with Russia.
So, the Poles would be welcomed and the Hungarians ignored. I believe that these points will likely become moot as borders, regimes and radical expectations change over the next few months.

You’re right, they wouldn’t do that for the vastly larger Russian diaspora. So, they won’t accommodate the Hungarians.
Even the Poles, perhaps there’s sweet talk now, but, it’s not among the people- I see signs of Polish discontent on line.
Too much bad blood between the two peoples- for too long

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