Putin calls Ukraine role in Nord Stream blasts ‘sheer nonsense’

Referring to the report published by NYT’s, covered previously below

Let’s read what Putin has to say

Putin said the blasts were carried out on a “state level” and dismissed as “complete nonsense” suggestions an autonomous pro-Ukraine group was responsible.

“Who is interested? Theoretically, the United States is interested in stopping the supply of Russian energy to the European market and supplying volumes of its own,” Putin told an interviewer.

“Such an explosion, so powerful and at such depth, could only be conducted by experts backed by the entire potential of a state that has relevant technologies,” he added.

Occupied Germany

“Germany was never a fully sovereign state,” Russian news agencies quoted Russia’s leader as telling state-owned Rossiya-1 TV channel.

“The Soviet Union at one point withdrew its forces and ended what amounted to an occupation of the country. But that, as is well known, was not the case with the Americans. They continue to occupy Germany.”

Compliant Europeans

“The Europeans have lost a gene of independence, sovereignty and national interest,” Putin said with a smirk. “The more they [Americans] hit them on their noses or the top of their heads, the lower they bend and the broader they smile.”

Investigations by European nations, including Denmark, through whose waters the pipeline travels, and Germany, have yet to yield conclusive results.

Putin voiced regret that Russia has been denied access to the materials of the probe. He added the Russian Gazprom natural gas giant has sent a vessel to check the seabed near the explosion and spotted what appeared to be an antenna near a junction between the pipes about 30km (16 nautical miles) from the explosion site.

Putin alleged the antenna could have been put on the seabed to trigger another explosive device that did not detonate for a reason that remains unclear. He added Russia expects Danish authorities to form a joint team to thoroughly check the area.

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I can fully understand why Putin was smirking while giving that answer. Only one fully immersed in western propaganda Russo-phobic spin can believe that a small independent group in a small yacht could have pulled this off. Who announced that they were going to do it? Who had the over riding motive? Who had the means and opportunity to do it? Who gains from the action? Cui Bono? Only us wrapped in the warm cocoon of state media agenda can believe this story. The rest of the world knows. The German population will eventually wake up.

Hi Penny,
Here is a Polish commentator who has seen the truth about the Nordstream2 attack from “Global Research” linked below. The translation to English is a bit sloppy but we can get his points :
“Every day we can predict and even feel other long-term effects of US terrorism against Nord Stream, including wider energy exclusion; draconian increase in the cost of living in Poland and the already felt recession; deepened dependence on foreign energy supplies, and thus lower economic competitiveness of Polish companies. ”
“For Poles, as for all Europeans, the undersea explosion carried out by American, Norwegian and British terrorists is therefore the first shot of America’s full-blown war against Europe.”
P.S. -Penny, thanks for the mention in your posting.

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