Video Shows Russian Jet Buzz US Drone

It’s interesting they use the word “buzz” in the title. Which more or less means fly quickly and closely to an object- But it doesn’t mean make contact with. At least not as I understand this term

The Pentagon released video footage Thursday from a U.S. MQ-9 drone that crashed in the Black Sea on Tuesday showing a Russian jet buzzing and dumping fuel on it and apparently damaging the drone’s propeller.

Apparently- the use in this sentence implies a connection that may or may not be an actual connection. But gives an impression of connection

The declassified footage shows a Russian Sukhoi-27 jet flying very close to the unmanned surveillance aircraft

“The U.S. said one of the Russian jets collided with the drone, also known as a Reaper”

I have my doubts about this because I’d expect way more damage then one little propeller blade.

At the end of the 42-second clip, after the video feed resumes, the MQ-9 drone’s propeller appears bent. In a summary released alongside the video, the Pentagon said “the propeller can be seen again and one of the props can be seen damaged.

The footage doesn’t show an exact moment of collision, though it does show a Sukhoi flying directly toward the drone and coming into almost immediate contact, before the video feed is scrambled.

So we have a drone being buzzed. With nothing showing impact or collision. And if there was impact or collision, I’d think there would be more damage than to “one of the props” .

Wanted to include an excerpt from Mark Finnegan’s comment

Mark Finnegansays:
“Whatever happened Russian message sent and publicly received and no loss of life.”

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Watching the video it looks like a computer generated image [CGI]. Why would the American military think they have any credibility whatsoever–when their entire history is one of non-stop lies?

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