Britain is talking about the Lockdown Files- No Science Just Spin

Lockdown Files previously covered:

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We might like to imagine that the people who decided to impose all that did so cautiously, solemnly and with careful regard for scientific facts.

But it would just be our imagination. Running away with us..

What Hancock’s text messages show is almost the opposite.

Far from making decisions based on scientific method, Hancock’s messages reveal that children were forced to wear face masks in school on little more than a whim.

Britain’s second national lockdown, the messages suggest, was imposed across the country without compelling scientific evidence. The so-called “Rule of Six” which made it illegal to meet in large groups, was introduced to include children under twelve despite officials admitting that there was “no robust rationale” for doing so. Periods of self-isolation were extended for political expediency.

Instead of asking if the stringent lockdowns were effective in arresting the trajectory of the virus, Hancock, key ministers and officials exchanged messages dripping with contempt for anyone that questions what they were doing. It would have been as though Dr. Fauci and two or three White House officials were imposing federal laws to incarcerate every American in their own home — and enjoying it.

I’ve little doubt the UK counterparts in Canada and the US enjoyed locking citizens down. Think about it? What a power trip!! Trudeau and Doug Ford were living life unimpeded.

The most disturbing revelation of all is the way in which incompetent ministers and officials seemed to actively relish wielding the power that they exercised.

Hancock, together with Britain’s most senior civil servant, Simon Case, sent messages to each other that mocked travelers forced to quarantine during the lockdown. “I just want to see some of the faces of those coming out first class and into a Premier Inn shoe box”, wrote the latter. “Hilarious” Case added.


The police were already arresting people for walking in the countryside and setting up roadblocks to question people as to the necessity of their car journey. Hancock seemed more concerned that police were not being aggressive enough in dealing with errant citizens.

Sure, you had your Andrew Cuomo in New York and Gavin Newsom in California, who seemed more Hancock than John Locke. But with power dispersed among fifty states, you also had your Kristi Noem in South Dakota and Ron DeSantis in Florida, free to take a different approach. We can see which worked.

In Britain, a daily press conference was held in Downing Street at which a quad of ministers (one of whom was Mr Hancock) instructed us on what we could or could not do.

In Canada we had Trudeau nauseatingly doing his daily “briefing” Not must see TV. Ever. And we had some of the longest lock downs in North America.

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