Untruth After Untruth was Peddled to Sell a Pandemic

Why is the pharmedia backing away from the massive psyop they participated in? There is no new to me information contained in this Covid file. I covered this all in real time! So pharmedia why now? In fact, why, at all?

Gary raised this issue of why people fell for this, so, my question as follows..

My question is why did those that fell into the deep dark pit of pandemic lies do so unquestioningly? Willingly? While embracing the lies with such fanaticism and adulation

I relinked just a few of my reports from 2020- via the way back machine. It’s the only way I can share my censored work with you all!

The Telegraph via

The Telegraph was a huge peddler of pandemic disinfo. As was every pharmedia site. As well as some so called alternative sites- I’m looking at Moon of Alabama. One of the worst offenders. Who ridiculed all who didn’t abide by the media indoctrination.

-So much of what we were told during the pandemic was wrong – and nobody has been held accountable

Yah, I know! I’m fully and completely aware of this. We should demand accountability! I want to see some people imprisoned. An issuance of an official apology. Trudeau can “take the knee” in front of the many he denigrated and discriminated against! I’m all for it! A class action law suit for the massive abuses and discrimination would be a good thing too!

Some of us didn’t step into place and we were abused.

“One question in particular that should trouble all of us is why so many of the claims made during the pandemic turned out not to be true.”

Because they were never true. They never will be true. And they weren’t supposed to be true. They were effective sales techniques! You were only supposed to ‘believe’ the claims. So why were the made? Because the reality of the “pandemic response’ boiled down to one big global experiment in subjugating humanitymethods and results. Through psychological manipulation. As well as real time human medical experimentation.

And the fall out from this? Now showing itself to the world? It’s catastrophic. On many levels.

*Manipulative Language (Spells) Employed To Improve Acceptance of Covid-19 RNA Vaccine (experimental)

“Why, for example, were we often told that the virus “doesn’t discriminate” while of course the old and very ill were the ones really at risk? It was obvious very early on – from the cruise ships that suffered early outbreaks, for instance, or from Italy – that fatality rates were massively age-contingent. Children were exceptionally safe.”

We were told this in order to generate massive fear making it easier to manipulate us all. This would offer up many benefits to governments and multinational corporations- Big pharma.- Pfizer Amazon etc.,

*How Big Government & Their Crony Capitalist Pals Stacked the Deck Against Small Business During The “Pandemic”

“In some cases, at least at first, the experts really didn’t know: in the virus’s earliest days, its mortality rate was unclear”

That didn’t stop so called experts from acting as if mortality rate was massive and everyone was going to die! I remember it very well- And wrote about it extensively too

“It was also plausible that it might spread via touch, hence the hand-washing campaign launched in March 2020. Three years on, a seminal meta-analysis by the Cochrane Library suggests that hand-washing does in fact cut the number of infections by 14 per cent, but only enough to slow spread down slightly in an exponential growth situation.”

Hand washing? Or should we say hand wringing and coating hands in sanitizer, everywhere- This was sooooo disgusting. Oh, not the hand washing. The excessive toxic hand sanitizer was over the top- but it was a money maker! Same with the gloves. Eew! So not going to make a huge difference despite the claims

Virus spreading outside? “but it soon became evident that this was in fact extremely unlikely, with the fresh air immediately diluting and dispersing the virus.”

The virus was never going to spread outdoors- that was one huge lie. And it was repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated (see what I’m doing there?) We were all better off outside getting fresh air and not locked in our homes!

Face Mask Farce

“In the real world, however, masks as they actually exist and are worn by fallible humans (including, ludicrously, children) were for show: the government encouraged people to wear useless (and often filthy or badly fastened) cloth garments that did nothing to stop the virus.”

This was a given. From day one. There was a recent studying verifying what myself and many others knew- Face Mask Farce

“It was never likely that vaccines would eliminate, or even drastically reduce, transmission: there are plenty of “breakthrough infections”, usually with much milder symptoms. The case for vaccine passports was always thus extremely weak – and in my view, massively outweighed by the loss in liberty.”

No shit sherlock!

“Covid saw endless politicians, bureaucrats, public health officials, scientists, professional journal editors, Twitter activists, Left-wing broadcasters and especially big tech firms transmogrify into authoritarian censors. They thought that “following the science” meant that their role was to amplify whatever the public health establishment’s most risk-averse current consensus was, rather than to pursue the truth independently. They convinced themselves that dissidents were heartless, paranoid freaks. They went on a terrifying power and ego trip.”

Systemic, wide spread abuse of people who dared to think for themselves. It happened. It was unnecessary and cruel and there needs to be accountability for the abuses.

We were also told the vaccine was safe, effective and would end the pandemic. That is the vaccine that was NEVER approved. Only authorized. For “emergency use” That’s massive human experimentation

The FDA DID NOT “APPROVE” The Pfizer Vaccine, They AUTHORIZED it For Use. EUA = Emergency Use Authorization

There were other treatments- clean living- fresh air

Though not highly, to the point of exploitation, profitable. Like vaccines were and are still. Vitamin D use should have been encouraged- it was cheap and effective

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Hi Penny

so happy to have found you again.
You are easy one of the best blogs out there. Thank you for all the work you do.
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Hi Penny:
My concern is not so much that they were lying to us but rather that the major portion of the population bought it hook, line and sinker.
The same applies to the Ukraine narrative.
Both demonstrating that it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.

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