Ukraine war: Borrowed time for Bakhmut as Russians close in

Above is the BBC headline- They’ve ignored the news that Ukraine has engaged in chemical warfare. Videos are widely available and horrible.

Included below are the facts;

Russians are attacking from three sides, with regular troops and fighters from the notorious Wagner mercenary group. The Russians have reached one of the main highways into the city, and are closing in on the outskirts.

There is house-to-house fighting in some areas on the outskirts, with “hard battles for every home” according to the Ukrainian military.

It feels like Bakhmut is on borrowed time.

Oleksii says the fighting in Bakhmut is tough, emotionally and physically: “It’s hard, but we are staying here, and we will protect Bakhmut and the area around it as much as we can.”

“But Ukraine is counting the cost and there’s speculation it could withdraw to avoid further heavy losses.
“These heights are more important for the Russians than Bakhmut itself,” said a Ukrainian colleague. “If they can bring their artillery here, they can target bigger cities like Kramatorsk and Slovyansk. “

Bakhmut holds, for now, but for how much longer.