Viewpoint- How can we explain excess deaths during COVID-19?

Harry Rakowski: Dr. Harry Rakowski is an academic, Toronto cardiologist, and commentator.

The asking of this question ‘how can we explain excess deaths during Covid” suggests very clearly to me there is a problem with the claimed excess death numbers during the so called active pandemic and afterwards. All these excess deaths cannot be attributed to the virus itself. To my mind if the virus was such a killer than excess deaths would need no explanation. They’d be apparent. Yet they are not.

Let’s look at the information contained in the article- I’m going to draw particular attention to specific bits of information contained within.

*Those angry (discriminated against/job losses/family discord/increase over doses/increased alchohol consumption/increased depression/suicided) against previous mandates often argue that about 99 percent of our population survived COVID-19 and very few people are dying in the current low-risk phase of the pandemic. They also speculate that many excess deaths are really due to uncounted vaccine-related complications.

That’s right the covid death rate was extremely low. And those that died solely of covid were minuscule- Not to minimize any one persons death.

On the other hand, those still struggling with the risk of infection argue that too many deaths continue to occur and we may need to mandate boosters and continue with restrictions, especially if new variants emerge.

Now, however, case counts, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions all continue to fall around the world. Life is returning to near normal. Even the ArriveCan app is at long last no longer mandated.

As we move forward into this new reality, how do we evaluate why people have died during the pandemic? And how do we determine and mitigate our ongoing risk?

  • In 2020, deaths from COVID-19 were the third leading cause of death in Canada, responsible for about five percent of all deaths.

That is not in line with the media portrayal of what was going on in 2020.

  • Early deaths in 2020 were most often due to COVID-19 pneumonia

That’s vague. Was it the pneumonia or the insistence on ventilator use that caused those early deaths? Ventilator death was rampant, the use excessive and finally it dawned on the medical establishment they were ventilating these patients to death. Wouldn’t that make the Covid-19 pneumonia deaths actually medical failures – Injury/death due to medical treatment. Medical malpractice. I think a good argument can be made that these deaths resulted from medical error.

Rates decreased later that year with warmer weather and barrier protection against exposure.

Because Covid is a seasonal virus. Barrier protection is questionable. Highly questionable.

“In late 2021, the emergence of a series of more contagious Omicron variants dramatically increased cases regardless of vaccination status. While the virus was much less dangerous and did not cause much pneumonia, the sheer number of those infected led to a rise in deaths”.

Was the lowered death count because Omicron was less ‘dangerous’ not resulting in the pneumonia deaths? Or again was it because ventilation was not used any longer- Medical error had been avoided. The claim of the vaccine reducing serious illness can’t be taken seriously in my opinion. It was never tested to demonstrate it’s effectiveness at reducing serious illness- same as it was never tested to stop transmission.

  • Very few young people have died during any phase of this pandemic. Beyond age, male sex, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes were the most important risk factors.

Excess overall deaths

*The total numbers of excess deaths during the pandemic were not just related to those infected.

Excess cardiovascular deaths

Over the past 50 years there has been a major and steady decline in death from cardiovascular disease. There was, however, a significant increase during the pandemic.

We know the jab can damage the heart- That’s well documented as well as acknowledged by this cardiologist

“While there is some data that vaccination can increase inflammation in the walls of arteries, there is no clear proven significant direct risk from vaccination. However, it requires ongoing monitoring. “

I think this doctor is downplaying the reality as excess deaths continue to occur.

“There are also concerning reports about the increased risk of sudden death in athletes, with some temporal relationship to vaccination. The presumption is that some of these deaths may have been arrhythmic sudden death due to unrecognized myocarditis, that is heart muscle inflammation.”

I’m hoping he takes these issues more serious in real life than he appears to in this article?

“Vaccination did account for some rare serious risks. Blood clotting deaths occurred in a small number of people due to allergic-type reactions, especially to earlier viral vector vaccines. A U.S. physician reported a major acceleration of his T cell lymphoma following vaccination. While he was criticized by many as promoting vaccine hesitancy, the worsening of his cancer had validity given the stimulation of T cells by vaccination”

I’ve previously reported on a Belgian doctor whose cancer exploded like fireworks

“We do require ongoing surveillance of ongoing higher rates of excess deaths and careful analysis as to whether vaccines may have some additional complications. “

At least he is acknowledging the possibility of the continuing excess deaths being connected to vaccination.

At current rates, COVID-19-related deaths now account for about three percent of all daily deaths. This may be an overestimate since many deaths reported may have been patients with COVID-19, but death was primarily due to another serious illness. “

Previous Covid-19 related deaths were overestimated as well. At the beginning of this ‘outbreak’ most persons died with Covid. Many died because of medical intervention/mistakes.

Again, flashback to my big tech censored blog circa April 2020- Yup that was 2 years and 7 months ago- or 31 long months passed…

Digression; I’m really understanding the big tech censorship! As well you understand why I ask if the early covid deaths ‘due to pneumonia’ were in reality death by medical malpractice/malfeasance. As started above and finished with two additional screen shots below

But it’s been common for coronavirus patients to have been on a ventilator “seven days, 10 days, 15 days, and they’re passing away,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, when asked about ventilator death rates during a news briefing on Wednesday.

Death by ventilator and not by virus?

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Good post, Penny!
Yeah, early on in the “pandemic” people died from the improper use of ventilators. Modern medicine is one big crap shoot. You couldn’t get me anywhere near to a medical facility these days. I’ve avoided them since 1996.

Which brings us round to the problem with excess deaths and mass vaccination- the medical cartel managed to sweep their excess ventilator deaths under the rug- but troubles with the vaccine look to be much worse

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