Why are excess deaths higher now than during Covid?

Though this article is lacking, kudos to the Spectator and the author Michael Simmons, at least they are giving this vitally important topic some limited coverage.

I’ve no doubt unnecessary lockdowns are contributing to the excess deaths occurring right now. However, I cannot discount the mass jab campaign. Realistically, no one could.

More people are dying every week than during Covid’s peak years. Last month there were 1,564 more deaths than average each week – known as excess deaths – compared with just 315 two years ago and 1,322 last year. In the week to 21 October (the most recent week of data) ONS figures reveal there were some 1,646 excess deaths alone.

What’s causing these deaths? It isn’t Covid: just 27 per cent of excess deaths in England for the most recent week have Covid as the underlying cause. Instead, problems that built up over lockdowns are being keenly felt now. report from the British Heart Foundation, published this week, found that over 30,000 people in England have died ‘needlessly’ of heart disease since the start of the pandemic. That’s 230 deaths every week that wouldn’t have happened had we not locked down. 

The jab is known to harm and/or negatively affect the heart- The jab can’t be discounted in my opinion

The BHF report pointed to failures in the ambulance service too. NHS figures tracked by The Spectator data hub reveal that in September Category 2 calls – emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes – were taking 48 minutes. The target is 18 minutes. The BHF are furious: ‘there isn’t a moment to lose’, they say. 

Is an increase in heart attacks and strokes, induced by the jabs, part of the issue too?

The government still displays little interest in what could be considered one of our greatest ever health crises

Could ambulance delays be the cause of Britain’s excess deaths then? A look at Scotland might support the theory. Recent figures suggest Scotland has lower and less consistent non-Covid excess deaths. But it locked down for longer and with harsher restrictions than the rules imposed south of the border. But look at ambulance waits and there’s much less of a problem. Comparable ambulance response times in Scotland are closer to 15 minutes. More than half those seen in England. Is that why they’re seeing less excess mortality, once Covid is removed?

Correlation is of course not causation but this nonetheless seems an important piece of the puzzle.

Of course correlation is not causation- but if you ignore the mass jab campaign you may be left just grasping at straws.

Despite increased pressure from academics, clinicians and now charities the government still displays little interest in what could be considered one of our greatest ever health crises. An investigation was promised by the then Health Secretary earlier this year but we’re onto our third government since then. An official in the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities wasn’t even aware it was something they monitored (they do) when asked earlier this week. 

The communications void on the issue is becoming a problem. Senior clinicians are starting to worry that the lack of attention from the government and the health service is fuelling conspiracy theories.

Fuelling “conspiracy theories”- The fact that the mass jab campaign is not mentioned as a possible cause of the excess mortalities is not 'conspiracy'. It’s a legitimate question. Considering the experimental nature of the jab. The first time ever using mRNA jabs. Then there is the corruption of big pharma as well as the influence that big pharma has on research, health care and the media. Just the facts.

Week after week, excess deaths continue to mount. The issue is getting more attention than earlier in the year. But it’s taking independent charities and twitter sleuths to push the cause. The NHS is facing a mounting winter crisis (a waiting list already over seven million that may well reach nine) and deaths are only expected to get worse. Even small actions now might make big differences later on. Health Secretaries don’t seem to last very long at the moment. But whoever’s in post, this should surely be at the top of their red box every single day.

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Hi Penny:

There’s still an intensive government cover-up of the adverse effects of the so-called vaccines. Most jabees do no have a clue what’s taking place in their bodies as the synthetic mRNA begins to replicate in every cell. All we can hope for our naïve and gullible family and friends is that they got a placebo instead of the DNA-altering, steriliZing, embryo-killing toxin.

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