Emergencies Act Testimony- No To Medical Tyranny

Watch this woman’s testimony. Her frustration and anger at the despicable treatment doled out to those of us who made different choices is obvious and understandable- Petty tyrants were and still are everywhere. None worse than in the Trudeau government.

Oh and no main stream media coverage of her testimony that I could find

So, thanks to Viva Frei for sharing this clip

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Hi Penny:

Brigitte Belton’s testimony could have been mine…except that she’s a qualified truck driver and I’m not. She spoke for all of us when she described the anger and frustration we felt at being treated like second class citizens/shit under the shoe of Justin Trudeau.

The Legacy Mainstream Media has been Ordered from WEF headquarters not to say a positive word about the Truckers. Proof positive that they’re the real deal.

Her testimony could have been mine as well. I get her anger too.

Considering the discrimination those of us suffered. She was absolutely right about the fear mongering initiated by the Trudeau regime and the pharmedia.

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