ISIS Fighting Russians in Ukraine

ISIS is a western proxy. It’s a NATO irregular mercenary army. It functions as a sort of ‘stay behind army’ along the same vein of what was created by NATO after WW2. These stay behinds may or may not include special forces. The facts of that being the reality speak for themselves.

Oct 22/22: Chechen fighters leave Syria to battle Russians in Ukraine

Abdul Hakim al-Shishani, a veteran of the Chechen-Russian war in the 1990s and commander of the Ajnad al-Kavkaz group fighting Syrian government forces in Latakia, arrived in Ukraine with a group of Chechen fighters to battle Russian forces.

Al-Monitor has learned that the commander and members of Ajnad al-Kavkaz, a Chechen-led Islamic rebel group active in northern Syria, headed to Ukraine to fight against the Russian forces there.

It would seem that this relocation has taken place recently- date of report Oct 22/22

Abdul Hakim al-Shishani, commander of the Ajnad al-Kavkaz group (circled in red) with a Chechen fighting unit, Oct. 15, 2022. – Twitter

Issa said that Abdul Hakim al-Shishani, commander of Ajnad al-Kavkaz, has left Idlib for Ukraine following coordination with military groups from the Chechen Sheikh Mansur Battalion, which is fighting against the Russians alongside Ukrainian forces in Ukraine.

Abdul Hakim al- Shishani appears to be in Ukraine on October 15/22 after relocating there from Syria. Or so the story goes. Yet, three years earlier on Thursday 21st of November 2019, we find this report from the Independent.

Via Archive.phHow Ukraine became the unlikely home for Isis leaders escaping the caliphate

Identified as Al Bara Shishani, but, looking a whole lot like Abdul Hakim Shisani (first image)

As far as extreme terror went, Al Bara Shishani had a reputation.

Understood to have held the post of Isis’ deputy minister of war, head of a unit responsible for “special operations” and surveillance, the Georgian-born commander reportedly had a hand in it all: executions of “non-believers”; public beheadings; terror operations abroad.

He also had a reputation for being dead – that is, until last Friday.

Al Bara Shishani’s dramatic reappearance in the dock of a court room in central Kiev was shocking not only for the fact of how alive he was.

Al Bara Shishani hails from Georgia. Pankisi Gorge to be specific. If you’ve been following the US trained in Georgia jihadi pipeline you might recall another Georgian born, US trained, Pankisi Gorge resident who entered Syria very freely. I’d written about him multiple times at the big tech censored blog.

As details emerged about his miraculous resurrection – how he dodged what had been reported as a fatal air strike in Syria, then used a fake passport to travel to Turkey and Ukraine, where he would live untroubled for two years

According to the SBU, Ukraine’s admittedly unreliable security agency, Al Bara Shishani even continued to coordinate Isis terror operations from Kiev.

Born Cezar Tokhosashvili, Al Bara Shishani is one of several Isis commanders to hail from the Pankisi gorge region in northern Georgia.

My thoughts? The ISIS mercenaries have free passage and movement because of their NATO affiliation. Their fighting/murdering skills were required for any conflict in Ukraine, with the separatists or the Russian military, so they were killed and revived in their new base of operations.

The person responsible for the case was Yuriy Lutsenko, Kiev’s then minister of the interior. He would later become famous as the “self-serving and corrupt” prosecutor

Chatayev was detained via Interpol at Moscow’s request.

Chatayev was never extradited to Russia. A bribe is one alleged reason why he was instead allowed to travel home to Georgia.

Once militants get to Ukraine, they rarely encounter problems with authorities, said Mironova.

This appears to have been the case for at least some of the two years that Al Bara Shishani spent in and around Kiev. Ukrainian authorities have not disclosed when they found out about him. According to an SBU press release, the CIA and Georgian Interior Ministry joined the operation two months before his 15 November arrest. It is unclear why they chose not to arrest him earlier.

Sergatskova, who has almost single-handedly covered the subject in Ukrainian press over the past year, says authorities remain strangely relaxed about the issue.

Ukraine is relaxed and unhurried about arresting the ISIS mercenaries because they are useful to them.

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