Emergencies Act Inquiry- Recalling Navigator’s Involvement

I’ve been listening to the testimony of former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly- He resigned as the protests took place. During his testimony the role of Navigator was brought up.

February 6/22

That man was Matthew Barnes, a senior consultant for Navigator — an elite and expensive crisis management firm. (He was planting disinfo)

Police chief Peter Sloly’s office confirmed by email that Navigator was hired last weekend to “assist the Ottawa Police Service and Ottawa Police Services Board with communication/community engagement support on the first weekend of the demonstrations.”

According to police, the contract is within the service’s sole-source guidelines for special events.

High-stakes communications strategist’

With the tagline, “When you can’t afford to lose,” Navigator describes itself as “Canada’s leading high-stakes strategic advisory and communications firm.”

Watt is “widely regarded as Canada’s leading high stakes communications strategist, he is a trusted advisor to boards of directors, business and professional leaders as well as political leaders at all three levels of government across Canada.”

Navigator opened an office in Ottawa last March, according to a news release at the time, led by Graham Fox and Barnes.

Before joining Navigator, Barnes was a senior communications manager to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and worked for her predecessor Bill Morneau.

Ottawa has recently declared a “state of emergency”- More mind management.

During the testimony it is mentioned that Navigator and the media planted specific narratives that were deployed to the mindless masses. Which is Navigator’s reason for being.

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I believe Navigator had a role in creating fake news to feed to the presstitutes about the convoy- This is where we get the occupation claims and other silly narratives presented by the Trudeau government. Mendecino went along with everything and he is a liar.

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