How Assassination and Retribution Could Escalate the War in Ukraine

Above is the original, word for word, headline that was included when this news article was first published.

Click on the link and you will see that for yourself. Than ask why it is the ‘Independent” felt the need to self censor?

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Investigators at the site of the car bomb that killed Darya Dugina in August

As Ukrainian forces continue their swift and successful offensive though the northeast and south of the country, some of those who had sided with the invading Russians have been left stranded and are now deeply worried about retribution.

Some have disappeared, such as Kupyansk’s mayor Hennaidy Matsegore who handed over the key to the city to Moscow’s forces and urged citizens not to resist. He was charged with treason by Ukraine but is now likely to be across the border. ( Or DEAD)

It is increasingly believed that Ukraine sanctioned the assassination of Darya Dugina, a Kremlin-supporting journalist and the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian nationalist ideologue. Ms Dugina was killed in August by a bomb planted in a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to her father, who may have been the real target. The conclusion by United States officials that a hidden Ukrainian hand was behind the attack, as reported by the New York Times, had been the generally-held view in diplomatic and security circles.

While Ms Dugina is believed to be the first to be attacked abroad, almost 35 Ukrainian officials who had collaborated with Russia, or had been appointed to official posts by Moscow, have been assassinated and injured in operations inside occupied territories.

Those deemed guilty of treachery have been shot, stabbed, blown up, poisoned and hanged, illustrating the ruthless and lethal determination of those hunting them down – Ukrainian intelligence officials working with partisans, (Ukrnazis) according to various accounts. In June, Dmytro Savluchenko, an official of the Nova Rus organisation in Kherson, died after his car was blown up. The force of the explosion burned out two other cars and damaged a four-storey building.

There were nine assassinations or attempts in August alone. Targets included Volodymyr Saldo, head of the occupation administration in Kherson, allegedly poisoned by his personal chef but survived; Vitaliy Gura, the deputy mayor of Nova Kakhova, reportedly shot dead; Aleksandr Kolesnikov, the deputy head of traffic police in Berdyansk, killed in a blast; Ivan Sushko, the mayor Mykhaylivka, in the Zaporizhzhya region, killed by a car bomb.

In September Artem Bardin, the military commander of Berdyansk, died after his booby-trapped car exploded in an administrative building, severing his legs. This week Olena Shapurova, the education chief in Melitopol, was injured in a car bombing.

Ukraine officials are claiming this is internal strife between separatists and non separatists- However..

Security officials from Britain, the US and eastern Europe, told The Independent they do not have evidence that attacks on collaborators have been due to internecine strife in Russian or separatist ranks.

I’ve heard/read some persons entertain the idea that Israeli intelligence was involved in the Daria killing. It’s claimed that Ukraine “sanctioned” the killing. (sanctioned: gave official permission or approval) It’s entirely possible Israel and the US helped Can’t be discounted that’s for sure!

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Of course the bombing and poisoning have all the hallmarks of the Israelis. The Banksters MUST have this war to loot Russia. That, or they will die on the vine. This entire war is about the international bankster mafia.

I disagree on that.

Its all about Weakening certain countries and Strengthening others.
America’s attempt to shuffle the balance in order to get new proxy’s who are compliant. Because the current one’s understand the game to well or are on their way out of being a proxy

I agree with Kaz.
I think that this is all about crippling Germany as the industrial heart of the EU, creating dissension within, and balkanizing the EU. The question is Qui Bono? The answer is obvious.

GC, Kaz, Radar,
thanks for comments and sorry for my tardiness-
I just posted some additional info, yes, it’s an oped. And the confiscation of Russian Central Bank assets may never occur- But than, I think about Libya…

That said I do think this is about weakening Europe, particularly Germany- In order to set Poland up as the new European ‘point man’ (the soldier at the head of a patrol)
I’m still leaning towards the idea that Poland will annex a bunch of Ukrainian territory.
Creating dissension between the EU nations will weaken the entirety of the EU. So it’s a win/win for the US and Israel- particularly when one thinks about LNG and the Eastern Mediterranean

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