NATO to hold nuclear exercise despite warnings from Russia

Warnings? Not threats? Of course Russia didn’t threaten. And did in fact warn…

Threats are general. Warnings are specific

Russia warned if nukes were used against the nation, that is if Russia were attacked and not the other way around their would be a response.

Russia warned. So what does NATO opt to do?

Hold Nuclear Exercises, of course

And nothing has ever happened while ‘exercises’ were taking place, right? Right? 9/11. London Bombing.

To name two ‘coincidences’ off the top of my head.

Never mind the additional unnecessary tension……

NATO will push ahead with long-planned nuclear exercises next week

The exercise, dubbed “Steadfast Noon,” is held annually and usually runs for about one week. It involves fighter jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads but does not involve any live bombs. Conventional jets, and surveillance and refueling aircraft also routinely take part.

Fourteen of the 30 NATO member countries will be involved in the exercise

Stoltenberg has always been a suspicious character, in my opinion.

Perhaps readers recall him from this incident?

*Breivik, Prime Minister Stoltenberg and the mass shooting in Norway?

NATO’s nuclear exercises

“It would send a very wrong signal if we suddenly now cancelled a routine, long-time planned exercise because of the war in Ukraine. That would be absolutely the wrong signal to send,” Stoltenberg told reporters on the eve of a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

“NATO’s firm, predictable behavior, ( how to define firm and predictable?) our military strength, is the best way to prevent escalation,” he said. “If we now created the grounds for any misunderstandings, miscalculations in Moscow about our willingness to protect and defend all allies, we would increase the risk of escalation.”

Or perhaps by holding off on the exercise NATO could look non inflammatory. Or like a ‘defensive’ pact rather than the offensive one it actually is? I’m just saying!

NATO as an organization does not possess any weapons. The nuclear weapons nominally linked to NATO remain under the firm control of three member countries — the U.S., U.K. and France. The alliance’s secretive Nuclear Planning Group will meet on Thursday among defense ministers.

We are closely monitoring Russia’s nuclear forces,” Stoltenberg said. “We have not seen any changes in Russia’s posture, but we remain vigilant.”

Perhaps NATO’s exercise will incite a change in Russia’s posture?

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