Polio cases detected in U.S., U.K. and Israel reveal “rare risk” of oral vaccine

Not so rare. In fact known for years and years..

Globe and Mail

Authorities in Jerusalem, New York and London have discovered evidence that polio is spreading there.

The original source of the virus? The oral vaccine itself.

Scientists have long known about this extremely rare ( not that rare) phenomenon. That is why some countries have switched to other polio vaccines. But these incidental infections from the oral formula are becoming more glaring as the world inches closer to eradication of the disease and the number of polio cases caused by the wild, or naturally circulating, virus plummets.

This problem has been known for years. Since there are previous reports on this known problem at my big tech censored blog- For example, the UN in Syria begins an oral vaccination campaign and as expected vaccine induced polio begins to run rampant.

Included below are two screen shots of previous reports from my google censored blog- One from 2016. Another from 2017. Not rare. Not unknown.

You can also check the link below

An outbreak of vaccine-related polio cases has been reported in war-torn Syria, the World Health Organization announced Thursday

Globe and Mail Continues…

Since 2017, there have been 396 cases of polio caused by the wild virus, versus more than 2,600 linked to the oral vaccine, according to figures from the World Health Organization and its partners.

“We are basically replacing the wild virus with the virus in the vaccine, which is now leading to new outbreaks,” said Scott Barrett, a Columbia University professor who has studied polio eradication. “I would assume that countries like the U.K. and the U.S. will be able to stop transmission quite quickly, but we also thought that about monkeypox.”

The latest incidents represent the first time in several years that vaccine-connected polio virus has turned up in rich countries.

Earlier this year, officials in Israel detected polio in an unvaccinated 3-year-old, who suffered paralysis. Several other children, nearly all of them unvaccinated, were found to have the virus but no symptoms.

In June, British authorities reported finding evidence in sewage that the virus was spreading, though no infections in people were identified. Last week, the government said all children in London ages 1 to 9 would be offered a booster shot.

In the U.S., an unvaccinated young adult suffered paralysis in his legs after being infected with polio, New York officials revealed last month. The virus has also shown up in New York sewers, suggesting it is spreading. But officials said they are not planning a booster campaign because they believe the state’s high vaccination rate should offer enough protection.

The oral vaccine at issue has been used since 1988 because it is cheap, (read profitable) easy to administer – two drops are put directly into children’s mouths – and better at protecting entire populations where polio is spreading. It contains a weakened form of the live virus.

But it can also cause polio in about two to four children per 2 million doses. (Four doses are required to be fully immunized.)

Did you understand how misleading that above sentence is?

2-4 children per million doses. 4 doses per child. Means 8-18 children will develop vaccine induced polio, as I understand it, per full treatment of the oral vaxx.

In extremely rare cases, the weakened virus can also sometimes mutate into a more dangerous form and spark outbreaks, especially in places with poor sanitation and low vaccination levels.

These outbreaks typically begin when people who are vaccinated shed live virus from the vaccine in their feces. From there, the virus can spread within the community and, over time, turn into a form that can paralyze people and start new epidemics.

Tomori said. “In hindsight, maybe it would have been better not to use this vaccine, but at that time, nobody knew it would turn out like this.”

I’m confident that somebody or quite a few somebodies knew “it would turn out like this”– Ditto for the issues with the Covid jab.

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Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. reported that the manufacturers of the live polio vaccine said the dead polio vaccine was ineffective. He also reported that the manufacturers of the dead polio vaccine said that the live polio vaccine was dangerous and could cause the disease. He agreed with both of them.
My brother had polio. Why didn’t I get it?

Hi Gary

Do you have any idea why your brother got polio and you didn’t?
Are you suggesting a genetic influence? Or possibly a general state of health difference?

Hi Penny:
My brother was born a year and nine months after I was born. He got polio when he was two years old. Thus I was so young when he got it, I would have had no idea why he got it and I didn’t. Polio is said to be very contagious. As with all so-called contagious diseases, I prefer Albrecht’s statement that it’s not the overpowering invader that we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.
Are you familiar with Farr’s law with respect to new contagious diseases?

Gary “Are you familiar with Farr’s law with respect to new contagious diseases?”

Yes, I’d done a report on it at my former site- which had nothing to do with Wikipedia but a snippet from their below

A nutshell from wikipedia

“Farr’s law is a law formulated by Dr. William Farr when he made the observation that epidemic events rise and fall in a roughly symmetrical pattern. The time-evolution behavior could be captured by a single mathematical formula that could be approximated by a bell-shaped curve.[1] ”

“I prefer Albrecht’s statement that it’s not the overpowering invader that we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.”

Yes, Bechampe held that same view
Antoine Béchamp
I’m reading a book about him at this time- I took a break from it to read Robert Kennedy’s book- but am done and have gone back to it- It’s not an easy read, but it’s been interesting

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