“ From Canada With Love” Message on a Rocket

A new low for some Canadians.

Did it occur to any of these hateful individuals that some, perhaps all, of these missiles they’ve signed espousing their venomous mind set will kill civilians? If that thought did enter their addled minds (unable to think clearly; confused) did they still pay to have the missiles signed anyway knowing they would hit the ethnic Russian citizenry?

The rockets Ukrainian forces have been firing at the Russian army in recent weeks have carried taunting messages from Canadians.

“At the Russian army” Well there’s a misleading statement.

Photos taken by Ukrainian troops show inscriptions requested by Canadians on artillery, mortar and howitzer shells.

They are part of a fundraising campaign that allows donors to brand Ukrainian rockets launched into Russian-held territory.

In exchange for a pledge, Ukrainian troops will pen a donor’s words on a shell and shoot it at Russian positions.

Afterwards, the sponsor gets a photo of the shell and video of it firing. The donations are used to buy equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Soldiers at the front lines will write your message in permanent marker on an artillery shell,” the fundraising website says.

Depending on the type of munitions, minimum pledges range from $150 to $2,000. According to the website, the process takes two weeks.

Writing messages on weapons is a longstanding tradition, but as a fundraising tool in a conventional armed conflict, it may be unprecedented.

“This is probably new,” said Jessica Davis, a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service analyst specializing in finance.

An expert on national security law, Prof. Leah West of Carleton University, said she did not see any legal problems for Canadians who take part in the campaign.

But Canadians were criminalized, ostracized and harassed, for making donations to the Freedom Convoy in Canada?

Quite pleased with his hate promoting campaign- obviously

A 21-year-old IT student and volunteer at a Ukrainian non-profit group that supports the armed forces, Sokolenko said two web designers later created the website.

And the site is very important, so people around the world can express their hatred to Russians, make a donation to the Ukrainian army and get something in exchange,” he said in an interview.

And the site is very important, so people around the world can express their hatred to Russians, make a donation to the Ukrainian army and get something in exchange.

I’m not understanding how fomenting hate against an identified/identifiable group is important? Or even moral!


All have been fired already, although he didn’t know exactly where.

Surely the Canadians filled with blood lust will be unconcerned if civilians were killed. After all their true colours are already showing. It’s not just “ugly Americans” anymore!

Anyone have a meme idea about our own ugly Canadians?

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This is a bit old, Penny, but “The Ugly Canadian” was described by Ives Engler in 2017 (a better writer than a speaker), Montreal-based author of seven books on Canada’s external affairs — pretty much a sign of things to come based on Canada’s past actions:

About half way through he states that Canadian Forces were already stationed at the Russian border. He then talks about Ukraine specifically (and Venezuela) and Freeland’s history/ideology.

VIDEO: The Ugly Canadian – A public forum co-sponsored by Socialist Action and the NDP Socialist Caucus, on the Foreign Policy of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

(It’s sad and shocking how Trudeau-ized the NDP has become since then)

I’m going to post it in my side-panel.

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