Russia Miraculously Makes Strikes on Zaphorozhzhia Nuclear Plant Appear To Come from Nikopol!

And if you believe that…..

Nikopol is across the Dneiper River from Zapharozhzhia. Nikopol is the most logical place these strikes are emanating from. The Ukrainian military is located in that area. They have the capability, the means and the motivation to fire on the nuclear power plant and surrounding area. They have the means, motivation and favouritism of the 5 eyes media to fabricate and disseminate false narratives (lies) about what is really happening in that location.

You can see Nikopol as well as the nuclear power plant
Closer view of the power plant

The Russians have held on to the Zapharozhzhia since February. They are not going to shell themselves. Nor are they going to endanger an energy supply they have now diverted a portion of, according to information from Military Summary, towards the homes in the territory held by Russia and DPR. They also do not benefit from the spin.

This feels like a replay of the blocking of the port of Odessa. The Ukrainians had mined the waters, extensively, carelessly and darn dangerously. Then claimed the Russian were impeding their ability to ship out food stuff. And these mines were making their way into Turkish waters

Speaking of the fabrication and dissemination of absurd claims let’s read about the one made by an anonymous engineer, feeding this drivel to BBC..

Ukrainska Pravda

Russian occupying forces have placed several artillery systems on the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). They are using these systems to fire on the power plant, while making it seem as though the shells come from Nikopol.

Source: Anonymous ZNPP engineer in an interview for BBC News Ukraine

Quote from the (anonymous) ZNPP engineer: “There is an area on the territory of the plant where heavy metal structures, such as new steam generators, are stored. That’s where the Russian artillery systems are currently placed; they are shelling the ZNPP while making it seem as though it is being hit from Nikopol.

I, (anonymous engineer,) have personally seen the shelling being carried out from this particular area, I saw the projectile being launched and I saw it land. No more than three seconds passed between the launch and the strike. Each of the ZNPP workers saw and heard it. Each of them even knows where [the projectiles] are coming from and where they’re going.”

The anonymous (engineer has now morphed into a) ZNPP worker believes that such shelling does not endanger the power plant’s critical facilities because Rosatom representatives have closely studied the plant’s layout and are helping adjust the Russian forces’ fire, “they tell them where to aim so that it’s loud but not dangerous”.

The anonymous engineer? Or is it an anonymous worker? “Believes”….

I’d heard a report that the Russians have ramped up their interception capabilities in an attempt to stop or at the very least reduce the damage and danger from Ukrainian shelling. Can I verify this? No. But at least it makes sense.

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