Poland: Europe’s Superpower & Privileged Ukrainian Citizen ?

Yup, privileged Ukrainian citizen. While being turned into Europe’s superpower.

From earlier today

Citizens of Poland received a special status in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada passed a law on special guarantees for the citizens of Poland.

283 people’s deputies voted for the law “On the establishment of legal and social guarantees for citizens of the Republic of Poland residing in the territory of Ukraine”. This was reported by a deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak at Telegram.

Citizens of Poland will now be able to stay in Ukraine for 18 months and enjoy all the rights and freedoms that Ukrainians have.

18 months? That’s meaningless.

Earlier this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy submitted a proposed law to parliament that would grant Polish citizens special legal status in Ukraine as a show of gratitude for the help Poland has provided since Russia launched the war against his country on Feb. 24 this year.

Polish people are also guaranteed the right to receive an education and medical care.

Poles will be able to work without a special permit for the employment of foreigners, they will have the right to register as a taxpayer and obtain a registration number for the tax payer’s card. Be able to carry out business activities, acquire education, receive social security payments and medical care under the conditions of citizens of Ukraine.

We’re going to have a flashback to these two previous posts and be sure to read some of the previous comments,…..

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