Russia shifting focus from Kiev? Was that the focus?

Certainly wasn’t my impression.

But, first: Are you getting that false flag vibe? There are a number of interesting reports circulating today that have raised my early warning system alert.

Claims that Russia is ‘retreating’ as Ukraine advances? Or claims that Russia is no longer going to take Kiev because they are unable? Was that ever Russia’s goal or intention?

Or how about this from

Dirty bomb ingredients allegedly go missing from ( misspelt) chornobyl monitoring lab?

“Nosovskyi’s worries have multiplied. In the chaos of the Russian advance, he told Science, looters raided a radiation monitoring lab in Chornobyl village—apparently making off with radioactive isotopes used to calibrate instruments and pieces of radioactive waste that could be mixed with conventional explosives to form a “dirty bomb” that would spread contamination over a wide area.’

That’s a new claim. One I’ve not seen or read previously. Anyone else?

I’ve personally never held the belief that Russia was interested in taking Kiev. Just an opinion. And while the western media spins Russia is changing course or may resort to ‘dirty bombs’ etc., because actions they’ve undertaken are failing, there are reports that contradict the 5/6 eyes media narrative.

See below:

Ukranian Military Admits Russia has captured territory to connect Crimea to Donetsk region- something that, in my opinion, was planned. As hubby and I monitored maps we came to conclusion that looked to be the plan. Seemed sensible to us.

Washington Examiner: Russia captures land connecting Crimea to Donetsk region: Ukrainian military

Russia has captured a land corridor from eastern Ukraine to the Crimean Peninsula, completing a goal of its military since the beginning of the invasion more than four weeks ago.

Russia has sought to capture enough land between Crimea and the eastern part of Ukraine, which has a significant pro-Russian separatist faction, so that it could more easily move supplies and troops from one area to the other.

That was achieved.

A large fuel base for the armed forces of Kiev was destroyed.

Problematic for the Ukrainian military. Very problematic.

The Russian army destroyed the largest fuel base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kiev (VIDEO)

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the strike with precision weapons was carried out on the evening of March 24.

“The largest of the remaining fuel bases of the armed forces of Ukraine, from which fuel was supplied to military units in the central part of the country, was destroyed”, – the ministry explained.

AFP news agency- You have to watch the video on YouTube

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Hi Penny:

I saw a report earlier today where Russia announced it had achieved the first stage of its goals in Ukraine. I guess that was the land bridge between Crimea and Donbass and the elimination of the fuel supply.

Forever and a day, Ukraine has been an economic and energy basket case…dependent on Russia to heat homes in winter. With the growing scarcity of fuel world wide this is unlikely to change.

Looks like Russia’s overall goal is just to set up a viable buffer zone in eastern Ukraine and then let the West do what it will in Western Ukraine…any kind of long term sustenance of Western Ukraine will bankrupt those who facitilate it. The West is not known for its largesse when it comes to its colonies. Au contraire! It typically loots, beggars and then abandons them. We will see.

Hey GC!

Yes, I’ve seen the reports as well, (included above) and that’s what looked to be the plan. It makes sense (understand the strategy) in making the land bridge.
There was a map circulating in Poland indicating Poland had ideas of taking chunks of Ukraine.
We will see, eventually.

Hi Penny, Don’t know if you know about this fact.

Aftermath of WW2 the borders of both Poland and Germany changed.
Germany’s eastern part became part of Poland and the eastern part of Poland became territory of the USSR and now Ukraine.

I think its fair to say that the most west part of Ukraine which was formally Poland is still ethnically Polish and I wouldn’t be surprised if Poland would like to have that back.

Hey Kaz:

After reading your response I went off to do a search on maps of a split up Ukraine and OMG there are so many. I just wanted to find the one that first came across my computer screen

one above
and in 2014 there was an article in the Atlantic suggesting that perhaps it was time for Ukraine to break apart

Certainly the idea has been tossed around for some time.

What I find interesting is that if Ukraine was broken up- NATO could advance it’s interests through an enlarged Poland and Romania…

I’m suggesting that NATO has an interest in Ukraine falling to pieces- because Russia will not stand for the expansion to their borders..

Everyone is positioning for their own advantage

I personally don’t care what happens in Russia or Ukraine, except that I want America’s fingers out of all of it. When that skank Nudelman woman told the EU to f off, everyone should have realized that this was something untoward.

But everybody’s devil (Putin) gets all the blame (and is apparently a Nazi according to the loudest jews):

(BTW: Putin is no hero. He is just another controlled opposition figure who is playing his part of the Kabuki)

And now Biden is calling for Putin’s ouster?
And Trudeau is trying to pass himself off as a saviour of some sorts.
The US and Canada are all over this one.

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