Super Spreader Justin Trudeau Led Government Finally Ends Coercive Vaccine/Travel Mandates

Because Super Spreader Justin has been traveling while triple vaxxed and still contracting and likely spreading Covid- Gee thanks Super Spreader Justin!

Federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates to be suspended for domestic, outbound travellers

Lifting the domestic travel mandate will allow unvaccinated Canadians to move freely around the country

Since the jab did nothing to stop the transmission of the virus. Vaccine Fail Justin is proof postive.

OTTAWA — The Canadian government will “suspend” COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic and outbound international travellers and federally regulated workers, government ministers announced Tuesday.
The new rules will come into effect on June 20, though the requirements for foreign nationals coming to Canada will not change.

The government announced last week it would suspend random testing at airports for vaccinated travellers, with plans to move testing off-site by next month. But after that announcement, the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable called on the government to go further and end vaccine mandates for travellers and staff at Canada’s airports.

The vaccine mandate will also be lifted for domestic travellers on passenger trains and buses, allowing unvaccinated Canadians to move more freely around the country, as well as federal workers who have been put on unpaid leave because of their vaccination status.

Unvaxxed Canadians have been hindered, hamstrung and denied free movement in their home nation. They have been discriminated against.

No word on how many SADS cases, those with damaged hearts, are yet to come thanks to those mandates! As well as palsy, increased shingles, and GBS and blood clots etc., How much damage to humanity will result from coercion and experimentation on humanity?

Hoping some good savvy lawyer/s will start a class action law suit on behalf of those of us who were viciously discriminated against, including segregated and excluded from society at large for making appropriate and informed health choices for our own health and well being.

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