Triple Jabbed Trudeau Tests Positive, Again, for Covid

As I’d written the first time the poster boy for vaccine fail tested positive. Vaccine fail. In fact his positive testing follows along with all the other triple jabbed persons who have since contracted Covid, more then once. As reported by legacy media. As we’ve witnessed real world ourselves.

Trudeau tests positive for covid-19 for a second time

This is his second confirmed COVID-19 infection after testing positive for COVID-19 in January.

The prime minister previously reported being exposed to the virus on two occasions: In March 2020, he went into a 14-day isolation after his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19, and in late December 2021 he announced he was testing regularly and self-monitoring after some members of his staff and security detail tested positive.

The most reviled PM in Canadian history

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Same lies from every paid liar in every country, whenever they want to go into hiding for a while. Here in the jewnited queerdom. Bozo (my name for “our” prime monster) was one of the first to “get covid”, and even ponce Charlie said he had in in an effort to convince us it’s real.

They really do think we’re stupid. If it was as deadly as they tell us, why aren’t they dead? The fact that Bozo held regular parties PROVES no-one in government believed their own lies.

This “covid” must be a lot like monkeypox. You catch it from politicians.

Bozo. (Boris Johnson )
I can see him with a clown nose and freaky hair- oh wait he already has that- It’s a suitable name.

Besides party gate who among us has forgotten Neil Ferguson having his affair with the married woman while we were being locked down (you too) He clearly didn’t believe his own data/lies!

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